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Road construction in Jogja March 2004 - Being around jogja for the second time in less than six months, I was able to see some differences. The construction of a new - likely high-volume - road kind of shocked me because this new road is constructed through a part of a neighborhood.
Last modified: 20 March 2004 00:00:00

Fort Rotterdam in Makassar March 2004 - Fort Rotterdam which is now known as Benteng Ujung Pandang is a historical artifact of the greatness of the past kingdom of South Sulawesi. Gowa Kingdom was the strongest and the most successful kingdom during the seventeenth century . Ujung Pandang during that time was known a trading city which then was known as Macassar.
Last modified: 20 March 2004 00:00:00

Jakarta views September 2003 - Several pictures donated by "brotherscarface" (WebShots). The pictures were made in Jakarta during a holiday there they show the normal life of the Jakartan people.
Last modified: 05 September 2003 00:00:00

Merdeka! August 2003 - During my holiday in August 2003 I had the chance to celebrate my first Independence Day in Indonesia. That was a chance I wanted to take with both hands. Here you will find a diversity of pictures made on the 17th of August by myself or by my travel partner for my time in Jogja and Lombok. Thanks for that!
Last modified: 01 August 2003 00:00:00

Bali terrorist attack October 2002 - And suddenly the tranquillity of the Balinese tourist island was roughly disturbed by a coward terrorist attack on a nightclub full with people. Two car bombs exploded in Jalan Legian, the heart of the tourist center. At least 180 people were killed, among them lots of foreign tourists. View several images made just after the attack. Be carefull that several images can be shocking.
Last modified: 15 October 2002 00:00:00
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