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Children from Mblali 23 July 2006 - After the earthquake in central Java almost two months ago, many children had to live on without some of their familymembers, friends from school, or no school at all. Just to compensate this a little bit, a group of fifty children who have found shelter in the village of Mblali - just south of the town of Bantul - were taken to Gabusan for Hari Anak Nasional (National Childrens Day) which was celebrated here with music and dance.
Last modified: 26 July 2006 14:59:34

Central Java earthquake 27 May 2006 - More than 5,000 people have been killed and thousands more seriously injured after an earthquake flattened entire districts of Indonesia's ancient royal city of Yogyakarta. Especially the city of Bantul is heavily hit. Pictures include damage in the villages, flying in aid and other scenes after the earthquake. Last update: 27 June 2006.
Last modified: 27 June 2006 20:18:59

Celebration of Waisak 13 May 2006 - With a smouldering Mount Merapi volcano at the background, the 13th of May 2006 was the day of celebration of Waisak (agreed date on which Buddhists celebrate the birth of Buddha). One of the biggest events took place on the venue of the majestic Borobudur temple in central Java.
Last modified: 14 May 2006 17:02:13

Did the Japanese leave traces? The building of the former Gouvernments Lyceum at the Van den Boschstraat at the J.P. Coen-square was used for other purposes in the Second World War. Every day people are said to have been brought in, which were killed when being tortured. The blood, that hit the floor at a daily base for a sustained period of time, is said to be in the tiles of the building...
Last modified: 15 April 2006 00:00:00

Mining sulphur on Gunung Ijen On the steepest slopes of Gunung Ijen, a bunch of hard working men has created a job for only the toughest men; mining sulpur from the crater. After that, the stuff has to be transported all the way down, mostly on foot, because trucks, cars and even motorbikes can't get here ... obviously.
Last modified: 02 April 2006 00:00:00

Hiking on Gunung Bromo Hiking on Gunung Bromo. Don't do it when the rainy season has started, because then there is a big chance you don't see much of it at all. You can see the results of that - although it was not a hike - in an earlier photobook. In this one, there is actually a good view of the several vulcanoes and the beautiful scenerey around it.
Last modified: 05 February 2006 00:00:00

Rhythm of Jogja January 2006 - Jogjakarta - also known as Jogjakarta Special Region - is indeed really "special" with it's rich of landscapes, culture, and the heritage beautify every our steps measure to travel arround. Jogjakarta has enchanted solid view and culture inheritance, based on that fact, we make an efftort to stimulate the photographers from Jogja or from other cities to take a part in expressing the Jogja's colour beyond their view finder.
Last modified: 05 January 2006 00:00:00

Gunung Rinjani trekking December 2005 - Trekking on Gunung Rinjani, Lombok, is an unique experience. The entire trip takes a few days and nights, but then you will have everything included, from start to end, including a handfull of the most spectacular sunsets and sunrises. Lombok can be reached from Bali by boat and plane.
Last modified: 03 December 2005 00:00:00

Bombs explode in Bali 1 October 2005 - Several near-simultaneous explosions occurred Saturday in tourist areas of Bali island, killing at least 19 and injuring at least 40. At least three blasts occurred along Jimbaran beach, which is lined with seafood restaurants commonly frequented by tourists, El Shinta radio reported.
Last modified: 01 October 2005 00:00:00

One day aboard KRI Dewaruci 20 August 2005 - At Sail 2005, in Amsterdam, I was on my way to the Indonesian tall-ship KRI Dewaruci. I was planning on making some pictures of the ship. Soon I discovered the boat was closed until about eight in the evening because of "a party of the Indonesian embassy". Not much I was aboard and found out that this was something special.
Last modified: 20 August 2005 00:00:00
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