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The bare breasts of Djarum 9 September 2007 - What is the difference between Djarum doing event sponsoring and product launching in Indonesia and Hungary? Most likely you will think that Djarum is smart enough to bring some fine Indonesian women to Hungary to promote their products, but no... instead they show their hypocracy by bodypainting a bunch of local women. With bare breasts indeed.
Last modified: 08 September 2007 09:02:57

Dutch bicycles on Independence day 17 augustus 2007 - The motto of Podjok is "Othel iku migunani kagem sedoyo" or in Indonesian "Sepeda itu berguna untuk semua" and in English "Bicycles are useful for everything". This photobook shows how a small group of active users of bicycles shows itself in a nowadays crowded Yogyakarta city. On the morning on 17 August 2007 - Indonesian independence day - they will hold a demonstration in the streets of Yogyakarta.
Last modified: 16 August 2007 03:03:09

Malang; images from a city 27 July 2007 - A day in the heart of Malang will give you the opportunity to enjoy the daily life of Indonesians here. Whether you visit the city as a tourist or not, you will have to bring a visit to the central area for sure. With it's characteristic shops and businesses it is a pleasure to walk around in the afternoon sun as it is less warm than many other cities.
Last modified: 03 August 2007 12:24:51

Traditional ceremony on the beach 22 May 2007 - On the beach of Parangtritis, in the province of Yogyakarta in Central Java, a upacara adat - traditional ceremony - is held. Several neigborhoods participate in speeches, dance performances and a colorful procession to a temple and the beach to bring sacrifices there.
Last modified: 25 May 2007 10:51:15

When the sea takes more than it gives 19 May 2007 - A few days on a row high tidal waves - not tsunami's - have pounded many coastal areas in Indonesia. This caused the loss of hundreds of homes and dozens of fishing boats. These high waves, caused by strong winds over the Indian Ocean , sometimes reached up to seven meters and washed hundreds of meters inland at some locations. In this phootobook pictures from a beach at the southern side of Java, Parangtritis.
Last modified: 20 May 2007 11:49:49

Garuda Indonesia crash at Yogyakarta airport 7 March 2007 - A plane belonging to Garuda Indonesia crashed at the airport of Yogyakarta early in the morning on Wednesday, 7 March 2007. At least 49 people were killed in the accident which was followed by a by a blaze which aged through the plane, leaving nothing more than some charred remains.
Last modified: 08 March 2007 08:06:54

One week Lombok August 2003 - One week Lombok is not enough, but in fact it was a 'little' present during my holiday. I didn't expect to get of Jawa this year, and now see what I have seen! The island is completely different from Bali, for those who have only seen Bali. Certain features are known on Bali, for example the Sasak population, but culture on this island is something which is very hard to find on Bali, because there it's all changed and maintained for the tourists.
Last modified: 18 January 2007 16:12:27

Mining sand in Kepuharjo 25 December 2006 - At Christmas day work continues as usual for hundreds of villagers in the district of Cangkringan. Money is being made from sand. With the most recent eruption of Gunung Merapi, a wealth of sand and stones came down several of it's slopes. This fresh supply is a big source of income for many villagers, especially after the first rains of the wet monsoon this year brought the supply close to their villages and main roads. It's just a matter of loading it onto a truck and sell it.
Last modified: 29 December 2006 11:01:49

Gunung Merapi eruption watch 21 April 2006 - In April 2006, the situation concerning Gunung Merapi gets more serious. The volcano is on eruption watch as scientists expect the volcano to erupt in one to two weeks from now. The pictures here show quiet foothills of Gunung Merapi after parts of the population have evacuated. Last update: 12 December 2006
Last modified: 12 December 2006 11:42:38

Kampungs in Malang August 2006 - On a short trip to Malang I spent some time making pictures of some kampung areas in Malang. Some of these pictures show a little bit of the daily life in these areas which differs quite a lot from many people's 3-or-more star hotels directly in the heart of the tourist destinations.
Last modified: 29 August 2006 14:28:04
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