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At the end of the line; Purworejo station June 2008 - The small terminal train station of the town of Purworejo, one hours drive to the west from the city of Yogyakarta, is in the middle of the town. It is the quiet environment - the only exception is the still fairly quiet main road passing directly in front of it - as well as the colonial design which make it seems you are going back in time some hundred years. Like time has stood still here at the very end of the railroad track where switches are moved by hand, the ticket booth only opens when a train is about to leave and that is only when there is a train, just a few times a week!
Last modified: 03 July 2008 06:31:28

Under attack at the bus terminal May 2008 - A bus terminal in Indonesia works slightly different than in most other countries. People working for the bus companies at the bus terminals will help you in a friendly way, but not without some pressure to take their bus, especially when you told them where you wanted to go. Every single passenger is fought over with some yelling, pushing and pulling. Your luggage can even be pulled out of your hands if you are not completely alert. Everything for the customer, but most of the time it does cross some lines indeed. Here are 34 pictures as 'evidence'.
Last modified: 20 May 2008 05:04:57

Harvesting time in Indonesia April 2008 - Harvesting season is on it's way in Indonesia and for those who want to have a closer look there are several ways to do this. You can dive into some rice fields yourself, it should be fun but will maybe less be appreciated by the farmer. In Yogyakarta daytrips are organized so people who are interested can harvest themselves at ease while they are also able to learn something about the work of the average farmer here.
Last modified: 03 May 2008 05:34:35

Fort Willem II in Ambarawa April 2008 - Located near the main road from Semarang to Yogyakarta, just outside the village of Ambarawa is the old Dutch fortress 'Willem II'. However since Indonesian independence it has become a military complex and prison, it has a past of serving as a fortress during the Dutch coloial time and a prison during the Japanese occupation and revolution afterwards. Nowadays the fortress can be visited, but you are not allowed to make any pictures because it's a military object.
Last modified: 12 April 2008 13:19:10

Koffie Aroma - Old fashioned coffee from Bandoeng January 2008 - Making coffee requires craftsmanship. Craftsmanship that has been taken over by machines that process modern day coffee from raw beans to packed bags of coffee. There are exceptions however and one of them you can find in Bandung. Behind the central post office in the old Chinese quarter is 'Koffiefabriek Aroma'. This is the place where they still make coffee in the traditional way like it used to be made in the 1930's. More information about Paberik Kopi Aroma can be found here.
Last modified: 06 February 2008 15:55:21

When life is made impossible 2 February 2008 - When the regional government has the idea to push through with plans they made without informing the residents about it, that is at least something to be bothered about. The situation changed however when they arrive with bulldozers and other heavy equipment to flatten an entire neighorhood. That is exactly what happened at the beach of Parangtritis in the province of Yogyakarta.
Last modified: 04 February 2008 02:12:45

Hot mudflow Sidoarjo, East Java 26 October 2007 - After almost one and a half year continuous mud from the Lapindo Brantas drilling site near Gempol, just south of the town of Sidoarjo in the province of East Java, tens of thousands were forced to move, hundreds of hectare of village and estates are covered in mud and there is still no end in sight. Every single day some 150,000 cubic meter of hot toxic mud is exhausted by te mud volcano. Ever since it started, contractors have tried to build as many dams as possible and a part of the hot mud is directly diverged to the Brantas river, but that is not a permanent sollution at all. In a series of more than seventy pictures a look at the current situation around the volcano that is in continuous eruption for over a year now. 76 new pictures added!
Last modified: 02 November 2007 14:32:02

Mount Kelud (Kelut) volcano 25 October 2007 - As scientists announce that the Mount Kelud volcano in eastern Java is about to erupt, it was time to bring that volcano a visit for the first time. However I had passed it many times by travel, I never took the time to take a closer look at it. For now, no eruption pictures here however.
Last modified: 28 October 2007 07:39:12

<i>Idul Fitri</i> 2007 14 October 2007 - Idul Fitri (Eid al-Fitr) at 1 Syawal 1428 H - according the Islamic calender - is the official end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan and is celebrated in abundance in Indonesia with music, dance, food, parades and prayers. This photobook shows you some of the festivities and prayers held to celebrate the end of a month long fasting period.
Last modified: 14 October 2007 11:38:05

Fort Van der Wijck 12 October 2007 - If you are on a visit to Kebumen, don't forget to bring a visit to Fort Van der Wijck because you think it is not interesting. It's location is almost directly on the main road from Yogyakarta to Kebumen (on the northern side) - just 500 meters to the north in the town of Gombong - and it would be a miss if you didn't stop there for a visit.
Last modified: 12 October 2007 17:11:43
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