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Events on zoom in on events that took place or are taking place in Indonesia. These events are often impacting the livelyhood of many Indonesians, like for example the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami or the almost annually returning forest fires in Southern Sumatra and Kalimantan. Events link to various other parts of the websites, like the blog, forum topics and picture galleries.

October 5, 2011 - Tourists and fishermen are advised to keep at least two kilometers distance from the summit of an Indonesian volcano. This advice was issued yesterday after the authorities heightened the alert status of the volcano.

Last modified: 05 October 2011 03:28:39

September 28, 2011 - The Indonesian suicide bomber who attacked a protestant church in Central Java on Sunday has been identified as a wanted terrorist, authorities said on Tuesday.
Last modified: 28 September 2011 02:39:47

May 31, 2011 - Over 600 people from villages in the Mount Dieng volcano highlands have been evacuated from the vicinity of the crater that is active at the moment. The volcano, near the city of Wonosobo in Central Java province is showing signs of increasing activity, so villagers are brought to a safer location.
Last modified: 31 May 2011 05:46:01

March 11, 2011 - The Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysics Agency BMKG has announced that it expects tsunami waves, caused by the 8.9 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Japan earlier this afternoon to hit parts of eastern Indonesia. The tsunami waves are expected to hit parts of Papua, North Maluku and North Sulawesi around 18:00 West Indonesia time.

Last modified: 11 March 2011 11:29:56

February 11, 2011 - The Center for Volcanoes and Geological Disasters PVMBG has announced that the alert status of the Mount Bromo volcano in eastern Java still stands firm at level three or 'aware'. The volcano still produces small eruptions frequently and every once in a while a large ash cloud is exhausted as well. Some of them reach as high as 800 meters from the crater.
Last modified: 15 February 2011 10:16:35

January 15, 2010 - The crowds of Indonesians eager to glimpse the destruction wrought by their country's most active volcano are providing business opportunities amid a tragedy. People left homeless by volcanic eruptions in Indonesia last year have turned to tourism as a form of income, charging entry fees and selling graphic DVDs to hundreds of visitors a day.
Last modified: 15 January 2011 01:51:07

May 31, 2010 - Hundreds of people and activists staged a rally to mark the fourth year since the Sidoarjo mudflow submerged thousands of houses in Sidoarjo, East Java. Meanwhile, hundreds of others commemorated in Porong, Sidoarjo, by staging a concert, shadow puppet play and traditional East Javanese ludruk theater performances.

Last modified: 31 May 2010 03:25:21

November 6, 2009 - Thousands of survivors of an earthquake that devastated Indonesia's West Sumatra Province are still grappling with a lack of clean water and adequate sanitation more than a month after the disaster, relief workers say.
Last modified: 06 November 2009 01:41:09

26 August 2009 - According to the Department of Health in Indonesia, there were 28 new cases of H1N1 Mexican flu in the country. Only laboratory confirmed cases are counted. In total there are now 1.033 cases of the disease confirmed in Indonesia alone. Six people have now died of the virus in Indonesia.
Last modified: 04 September 2009 05:54:57

23 July 2009 - Gunmen have killed two people in an attack at the world's largest gold mine in Indonesia's Papua Province. This is the latest in a series of attacks that began on July 11. Local aid officials are concerned the military will use the attacks as pretext to arrest independence activists.
Last modified: 28 July 2009 10:29:40

Archived events on
Archived events on are events that took place in Indonesia in the (recent) past. These events often impacted the livelyhood of many Indonesians. They are currently archived because they are seen as finished or are archived until they recur, like volcanic eroptions and earthquakes.

26 May 2009 - Thick smoke caused by forest fires in the province of Riau on the island of Sumatra has hampered school activities. A number of schools in the district of Rokan Hilir has been forced to close down. Already a number of schools has been closed down, also in the neighboring district of Bangko, where almost all elementary schools have been closed.
Last modified: 24 June 2009 04:31:59

28 April 2009 - The head of the Center of Volcanology and Disaster Management, Surono, has said that the activity of the Mount Slamet volcano is still increasing. Observations at the observation post for the volcano in the village of Gambuhan show that since April 26, 2009 the number of lava eruptions and tremors is still increasing.
Last modified: 28 April 2009 15:32:44

4 April 2009 -The Greater Jakarta police is investigating the head of the Public Works department of Tangerang, Eddy Adolf Nicolas Malonda. He was called in relation to possible corruption with funds meant for the improvement of the Situ Gintung dam, which collapsed last week. A Jakarta police representative said that Eddy was called to give answers to some questions. "Until now the cooperation is optimal," he said.
Last modified: 04 April 2009 03:06:35

5 September 2008 - Indonesia hopes negotiations on the material transfer agreement for bird flu virus specimen can be rounded up at the inter-governmental meeting of WHO members in November, health minister Siti Fadillah Supari said. Indonesia hopes the agreement can be kept simple but it has to able to accommodate the interests of the developing countries, Antara news agency on Friday quoted the minister as saying.
Last modified: 27 March 2009 07:45:06

29 January 2009 - The National Elections Commission (KPU) have decreed that the next general election for Indonesia's President and Vice President will be held on Wednesday, July 9, 2009. If a run off election is required, that will take place on Tuesday, September 8, 2009. The Presidential Elections will be preceded by legislative elections set for April 9, 2009 with the formal certification of those results to be made by KPU on May 9, 2009.
Last modified: 01 February 2009 03:18:23

16 June 2008 - The observation team for the Mount Kelud volcano near the city of Kediri in central Java has decided not to lower it's alert status in the next two years. The head of the observation post, Khoirul Huda, explain that at this time there are still signs of the seemingly imminent eruption from half a year ago. This causes the character of the volcano to be instable.

Last modified: 22 June 2008 12:15:52

13 June 2008 - The regional police has finally arrested the 'general' of the FPI Mohammad Machsuni Kaloko in the Pondok Griya housing complex in Cirebon, western Java. Machsuni was on a list of 20 people that are fugitive after the June 1 incident at Monas in Jakarta. The police ensured that Machsuni was one of the instigators of the violence between members of the FPI and a peaceful demonstration for religious freedom.
Last modified: 20 June 2008 11:03:14

17 April 2008 - Authorities in Indonesia have raised the alert level for a volcano near the country's third largest city following increased volcanic activity, a volcanology center official said on Thursday. More than 100 volcanic tremors were recorded from Mount Papandayan in West Java on Wednesday, although there were no visible signs it would erupt soon, said Estu Kriswati from the volcanology center in the nearby city of Bandung.
Last modified: 22 April 2008 12:03:39

27 February 2008 - Dengue patients flood the general hospital in Tangerang. According to the latest information there are now some 400 patients being treated in the hospital since the start of this year. A number of rooms in the hospital is now completely filled with dengue patients. In general the patients are still treatable.
Last modified: 27 February 2008 05:03:30

2 February 2007 - According to the Flood Coordination Team of the Jakarta area, there were flood reported at 144 locations in the city. They all formed in less than two hours. Around 12:00 local time (GMT+7) yesterday afternoon there were floods on 70 locations in the city. Just two hours later there were 144 spots. This information was released by the head of the team, Bobby Aryono on Friday evening.
Last modified: 19 February 2008 06:28:43

29 December 2007 - The Indonesian Culture and Tourism Ministry has launched "Visit Indonesia Year (VIY) 2008" in an effort to attract more foreign tourists to the country, the Antaranews agency reported on Thursday. Indonesian Culture and Tourism Minister Jero Wacik officially declared the start of VIY 2008 at a function in the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) on Wednesday night.

Last modified: 04 February 2008 06:51:21

03 December 2007 - Leaders from many governments started to arrive in Bali on Sunday for what is expected to be a lengthly and contentious negotiation on how to fight global warming. It is believed that global warming can cause a devastating rise in sea levels, which would send hundreds of millions of people into poverty and cause mass extinction of animals.
Last modified: 06 December 2007 15:30:24

6 November 2007 - Eruptions still take place at the Mount Semeru volcano in the district Liumajang in eastern Java, but it's intensity is going down. Seismic data from the observation post Gunung Sawut in Lumajang shows that there are some 40 eruptions every day. Earlier this was somewhere between 55 and 130 times a day.
Last modified: 06 November 2007 16:30:08

18 January 2007 - Prosecutors in Indonesia want three years in jail for the captain of the ferry that sank off the coast of northern Java last years, an accident in which over 300 people died. State prosecutors said that Wiratno Cendanawasih, 53, who was captain at the ill-fated Senopati Nusantara at the time of the accident, was guilty of negligence leading to the deaths.
Last modified: 18 September 2007 11:53:01

23 August 2007 - A salvage ship operated by the United States has arrived in Indonesia to hunt for the black box of an Adam Air plane that crashed into the sea on New Years' day, killing 102 passengers and crew. The Boeing went missing off South Sulawesi and sparked a massive search in the early days of this year.
Last modified: 29 August 2007 01:34:03

8 August 2007 - An earthquake with a magnitude of around 7.5 on the Richter scale struck just 110 kilometers east of Jakarta, 115 kilometers north of Bandung at 00:04 local time (+7 GMT). The quake struck 75 km (46.60 miles) northwest of Indramayu and was at a depth of 286 km, the agency said. The quake could be felt by residents in the capital Jakarta and many other parts of the island, Southern Sumatra and even the resort island of Bali.
Last modified: 09 August 2007 17:31:10

11 July 2007 - Mount Gamkonora, located in South Ibu Sub-district, West Halmahera District, North Maluku Province, erupted yesterday at 14:50 hrs East Indonesian Time or 12:50 Jakarta time. Mount Gamkonora is located 3.5 hours from Ternate, capital of North Maluku Province. The mountain spewed cold lava and the dust is now piling up to 30 cm high with the radius of around 7.5 km from the epicenter.
Last modified: 16 July 2007 12:45:10

27 November 2006 - Six months after a powerful earthquake reduced much of two Indonesian provinces to rubble, IOM is still building thousands of temporary homes, providing support services to badly injured survivors and transporting hundreds of metric tons of supplies into the quake-affected areas. The 27 May, 6.3 magnitude quake struck at dawn off the coast of Java, killing 6,000 people and injuring 50,000 more in densely populated Yogyakarta and Central Java provinces.

Last modified: 27 May 2007 09:45:52

12 February 2007 - Floods which have inundated at least three Indonesian provinces including the capital Jakarta for more than a week have claimed 85 lives, officials said on Sunday. Nearly half a million people are still unable to return to their homes. The death toll rose by five after more deaths in West Java, said an official at the national disaster agency.
Last modified: 22 February 2007 04:49:53

17 Febrary 2007 - Police and army in Central Sulawesi are put on high alert after warnings that Islamic militants are planning attacks in the area. This was told by the regional police chief late Friday. Earlier that day the Australian government had announced it had credible information that militants were already in an advanced stage of planning attacks in Central Sulawesi.
Last modified: 17 February 2007 06:20:53

24 January 2006 - Two arrested this month, including a close aide to the country's most wanted militant, were named suspects on Monday for involvement in last year's restaurant bombings on Bali, a police spokesman said. Police last week declared four other men suspects in the same case on charges of helping hide accused militant mastermind Noordin M. Top during and after the bombings that killed 20 people at three eateries.
Last modified: 10 January 2007 10:02:31

9 May 2005 - Indonesia reached almost 24 million children in its last polio immunizations but may have another vaccination round in some regions to be sure of stamping out the disease by 2008, officials said on Monday. Over the past year polio, once considered virtually wiped out globally, has infected hundreds in Indonesia
Last modified: 09 May 2006 07:11:41

01 January 2006 - As snow floated down from the dark skies over Finland's capital Helsinki, Vice President Jusuf Kalla and exiled leaders of the Free Aceh Movement held a historic meeting aimed at building a long-lasting peace in Aceh. Kalla met for the first time with GAM leaders Malik Mahmud and Zaini Abdullah here Friday evening.
Last modified: 22 January 2006 15:43:42

9 January 2006 - At least 155 people died in two separate natural disasters that hit Indonesia's main island of Java last week, as authorities Monday decided to end the evacuation process amid worries that more deaths are unaccounted for. In Jember, where a flash flood and mudslide swept through four districts that left 79 people dead and displaced 7,605.
Last modified: 09 January 2006 19:51:42

22 November 2005 - Army soldiers and police officers were fought a pitched battle at dawn on Monday in Ambon city, leaving three civilians injured. The brawl broke out as a wedding reception was winding down into the wee hours in Nusaniwe district of the city.
Last modified: 22 November 2005 08:55:47

9 November 2005 - Indonesian police have confirmed that the Jemaah Islamiyah bomb-making Azahari bin Husin killed himself during a fierce gunbattle yesterday with security forces in Batu, East Java. Azahari, a Malaysian, was the head of JI operations, and the mastermind of both Bali bombings and other suicide attacks in Indonesia.
Last modified: 13 November 2005 10:09:04

25 October 2005 - Over 70,000 workers have been laid off since the government hiked fuel prices on Oct. 1, local media reported on Tuesday. "The workers are from Bandung, the capital of West Java province and Surakarta in Central Java province. I expect the number to reach 100,000 by the end of this year," Chairman of the Textile Association Benny Sutrisno was quoted by the Jakarta Post as saying.

Last modified: 26 October 2005 09:52:07

5 September 2005 - An Indonesian passenger plane with over 100 people on board crashed into a residential area shortly after taking off from the northern city of Medan, officials said. The Mandala Airlines jet bound for Jakarta crashed minutes after take-off from Polonia airport in Medan on the island of Sumatra.
Last modified: 05 September 2005 06:59:16

20 August 2005 - After two days of hard work by state run power company PLN, all problems are solved now. Some areas had to wait almost two days. Power supplies to large areas of Java and Bali islands, including the capital Jakarta, were disrupted on Thursday, PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara reported.
Last modified: 18 August 2005 08:19:43

July 2005 - The price of premium gasoline soared by up to 500 percent in some provinces on Wednesday as the country's fuel shortage bit deeper, with the National Police stationing officers at gas stations around the country to prevent outbreaks of violence among frustrated customers.
Last modified: 07 July 2005 08:19:38

16 October 2005 - Reconstruction in Aceh is moving too slowly nearly 10 months after a killer tsunami struck, and there is not enough coordination between aid groups, a top U.N. official said on Sunday. Jan Egeland, the U.N.'s chief emergency relief coordinator, said the province's remoteness on the tip of northern Sumatra island, a lack of roads as well as ports had made things difficult for the international community.
Last modified: 28 May 2005 09:42:17

28 May 2005 - Two bombs exploded Saturday at a busy market in central Indonesia, killing at least 20 people and wounding 40 in a volatile region marred for years by religious fighting, a police official said. The bombs happened in the morning in the Christian-dominated town of Tentena, near Poso, the coastal town where fighting between Muslims and Christians has claimed hundreds of lives since 2000.
Last modified: 28 May 2005 09:19:29

13 April 2005 - More than 25,000 panicked residents have been evacuated from the slopes of a volcano on Sumatra island and officials raised the alert level on Wednesday as the mountain's activity intensified. The heightened rumbling of Mount Talang has coincided with a string of moderate earthquakes on Sumatra, which is still recovering from a massive December 26 quake and tsunami that killed nearly 130,000 people in Aceh province to the north.
Last modified: 13 April 2005 08:28:49

28 February 2005 - Indonesia's government will implement long-planned fuel price increases starting Tuesday, including a 32% increase in the price of gasoline, Minister of Energy and Mines Purnomo Yusgiantoro told reporters late Monday. The price increases will result in a reduction in massive fuel subsidies that have crippled the government's ability to fund economic development.
Last modified: 28 February 2005 08:20:36

21 February 2005 - Nine people were killed and around 139 are missing after heavy rain caused a landslide on Monday near a garbage dump on the outskirts of the Indonesian city of Bandung, police reported.
Last modified: 21 February 2005 10:38:34

30 November 2004 - Up to 31 people may have been killed and many more injured after a jet carrying 153 passengers and crew crashed on landing in heavy rain in Indonesia's central Java. Indonesia's Metro TV said 31 were dead and "tens" more hurt.
Last modified: 30 November 2004 06:14:38

9 September 2004 - A powerful explosion outside Australia's embassy in central Jakarta left at three people dead and at least three badly injured Thursday and caused extensive damage to nearby buildings, officials and witnesses said.
Last modified: 09 September 2004 07:55:43

12 December 2003 - New floods kill several people again in Northern Sumatera. Once again, illegal deforestation is blamed instantly for the troubles.
Last modified: 03 November 2003 10:17:57

12 Oktober 2002 - in the late evening, a terrorist attack struck the tourist island of Bali. At least two car bombs exploded near Sari Club and Padi Club in the heart of Kuta, along Jalan Legian. Sari club was completely demolished and over 180 people were killed, several hundred were injured. Below is the latest news about bali, as well as detailed information about the location of the club and an image I personally made in July 2002.
Last modified: 13 October 2002 17:29:19

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