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Mount Bromo volcano still on alert level three

Bromo eruption

spacer February 11, 2011 - The Center for Volcanoes and Geological Disasters PVMBG has announced that the alert status of the Mount Bromo volcano in eastern Java still stands firm at level three or 'aware'. The volcano still produces small eruptions frequently and every once in a while a large ash cloud is exhausted as well. Some of them reach as high as 800 meters from the crater.

Volcano alert status
Check the most recent alert status of Gunung Bromo

Latest news about Mount Bromo
11-02-2011: Mount Bromo volcano still on alert level three
05-02-2011: Mount Bromo volcano erupts with four loud bangs

December 27, 2010 - The volcanic activity of the Mount Bromo volcano in East Java province has caused heavy damage to the tourism industry in the area. The volcanic ash, emitted by the volcano, covers a large area where normally people make a living from tourists. The areas most heavily hit are Cemorolawang, Ngadisari and Probolinggo.
27-12-2010: Tourism suffers under ash from Mount Bromo volcano

December 20, 2010 - The current eruption of the Mount Bromo volcano that is still ongoing, causes ash rains in the entire district of Probolinggo. Ash is falling down in the entire area, but at some locations closer to the volcano, the situation can be referred to as serious.
20-12-2010: Up to 10 centimeters of ash after Mount Bromo erupts
19-12-2010: Ash from Mount Bromo volcano towards Lumajang

December 6, 2010 - The alert status for the Mount Bromo volcano in East Java province has been lowered from level 4 to level 3 earlier today. This decision was made because the volcano has showed further decreasing activity, especially compared to earlier this month. The volcano is still very active and an ash cloud can still be seen over the active crater.
06-12-2010: Alert status Bromo volcano lowered to level 3

November 30, 2010 - Indonesia's Mount Bromo has had increased volcanic activity since early November, prompting government officials to issue the highest volcano alert status, but experts say its beginning to calm down.
30-11-2010: Mount Bromo eruptions slowing down

November 29, 2010 - The directorate of Transport in Indonesia has ordered the immediate closure of the airport of Malang, Abdurahman Saleh. This is done because of the increasing amount of ash in the air - originating from the Mount Bromo volcano. The volcano, that has been erupting for several days now, is ejecting more ash into the skies. The airport is located about 25 kilometers from the crater of the volcano.
29-11-2010: Malang Airport closed because of ash from Bromo volcano

November 28, 2010 - The Mount Bromo volcano in the area of Probolinggo, East Java Province is still active. An ash cloud caused by one of the small eruptions of the volcano earlier this morning is now making it's way to the city of Malang. "There were several small eruptions earlier this morning. The ash clouds from these eruptions are headed for the city of Malang," said the head of the Crisis Center of the Department of Public Health, Mudjiharto.
28-11-2010: Ash from small Bromo eruption blows towards Malang
26-11-2010: Indonesia's Mount Bromo makes small eruption
26-11-2010: More tremors measured in Mount Bromo volcano

November 23, 2010 - Indonesian authorities on Tuesday put the Mount Bromo volcano in East Java province on the highest alert following increased activity. Although it has been put on highest alert, there's no recommendation for evacuation told Andi Arief, a presidential aide on disaster relief coordination, citing information from scientists monitoring the volcano.
23-11-2010: Mount Bromo volcano put at highest alert status

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