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1.097 cases of Mexican flu in Indonesia

Mexican Flu in Indonesia

spacer 26 August 2009 - According to the Department of Health in Indonesia, there were 28 new cases of H1N1 Mexican flu in the country. Only laboratory confirmed cases are counted. In total there are now 1.033 cases of the disease confirmed in Indonesia alone. Six people have now died of the virus in Indonesia.

 H1N1 Mexican Flu cases in Indonesia
 Total infections: 1.097 cases
 - Jakarta272 cases
 - Banten121 cases
 - East Java111 cases
 - West Java73 cases
 - Bali54 cases
 - South Kalimantan37 cases
 - Central Java37 cases
 - Lampung28 cases
 - Riau24 cases
 - North Sumatra19 cases
 - Yogyakarta16 cases
 - East Kalimantan10 cases
 - North Sulawesi8 cases
 - Riau Islands5 cases
 - South Sulawesi5 cases
 - Aceh3 cases
 - Central Kalimantan3 cases
 - West Kalimantan3 cases
 - South Sumatra2 cases
 - Central Sulawesi1 case
 - East Nusa Tenggara1 case
 - Jambi1 case
 - West Nusa Tenggara1 case
 - Other (not specified)263 cases
 Total deaths: 10 cases
 - East Java3 cases
 - Jakarta, Java 3 cases
 - West Java1 case
 - Padang, Sumatra 1 case
 - Yogyakarta, Sumatra 1 case
 - Other (not specified) 1 case
Update: September 3, 2009 09:30 WIB (GMT+7) 
Latest news
24-08-2009: 1.005 cases of Mexican flu in Indonesia
17 August 2009 - Indonesia recorded 34 people newly infected by A/H1N1 virus, putting the total cases to 872 in the country, Health Ministry said in a statement on Sunday. One person has also died of the virus. The virus has now spread to over half of Indonesia's 33 provinces. Details about where the new cases were found, or where the person died of the virus, have not been made public.
17-08-2009: Almost 1.000 cases of H1N1 in Indonesia
17-08-2009: One more dead of H1N1 Mexican Flu in Indonesia
10-08-2009: 771 cases of Mexican flu in Indonesia

5 August 2009 - A two year-old Indonesian girl has died after contracting the H1N1 Mexican flu virus, putting the total death by the virus in the country to three out. A total of 662 persons are infected, according to the Department of Health. The girl underwent treatment in a hospital when she showed respiratory problems, pneumonia and a fever before she died on August 3.
03-08-2009: Indonesia reports third death of H1N1 Mexican flu

3 August 2009 - A patient infected with the H1N1 flu died on Sunday after being treated for several days at the Persahabatan Hospital in Jakarta. She died due to severe complications a was being treated for the H1N1 virus for at least one week. She also suffered from pneumonia before she was infected with H1N1.
03-08-2009: 24-year old dies of Mexican Flu in Jakarta
03-08-2009: 561 cases of Mexican flu in Indonesia
30-07-2009: Two hospitals refuse patients suspected of having H1N1
30-07-2009: 479 cases of Mexican flu in Indonesia

29 July 2009 - Dozens of santri (schoolchildren of Islamic boarding school) of Pesantren Al Fitrah in Surabaya are currently being treated in the Haji Sukolilo hospital. A number of them has already tested positive for H1N1 Mexican flu while test results for the others are not known yet.
29-07-2009: Dozens of santri positive for Mexican Flu
28-07-2009: 416 cases of Mexican flu in Indonesia
27-07-2009: 362 cases of Mexican flu in Indonesia
26-07-2009: First death related to Mexican flu in Indonesia

23 July 2009 - An Indonesian student studying here has become the first A/H1N1 flu related fatality in Malaysia, a Malaysian health official said here on Thursday. The student, aged around 30, once was a confirmed patient of the flu, but he died from cardiac arrest, instead of the flu itself, Malaysian Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai said.
17-07-2009: Indonesian student with H1N1 dies in Malaysia

15 July 2009 - Swine flu cases which were found in Indonesia for the first time late last month, have continued to increase and spread to other regions, the Ministry of Health said. The ministry in a press release said on Thursday it had recorded 15 new cases so that the total number of patients suspected to have contracted the H1N1 strain of virus had reached 157.
17-07-2009: 157 cases of Mexican flu in Indonesia
15-07-2009: 112 cases of Mexican flu in Indonesia
14-07-2009: 86 cases of Mexican flu in Indonesia
13-07-2009: Dutch student suspected of having contracted Mexican Flu
13-07-2009: 64 cases of Mexican flu in Indonesia
11-07-2009: 52 cases of Mexican flu in Indonesia

9 July 2009 - Three residents of the city of Medan, in North Sumatra, have tested positive for the H1N1 Mexican Flu. They are only identified as VC, WKC and CV. They all live in the same street and are now treated in the Adam Malik general hospital in the city. Their blood samples were taken last Tuesday, when they were brought to the hospital, according to Azwan Lubis, the medical director of the hospital.
09-07-2009: Three Medan residents test positive for Mexican Flu
07-07-2009: Two Balikpapan residents suspected of contracted H1N1

4 July 2009 - The number of A/H1N1 flu cases in Indonesia has reached 20 as 12 new cases were confirmed on Friday, the Health Ministry said. Of the 12 patients, eight are now receiving treatment in hospital in the capital Jakarta, and four others are being treated in Denpasar, Bali, Lily Sulistyowati, a spokesperson of the ministry said.
04-07-2009: Four new cases of Mexican Flu confirmed in Indonesia

3 July 2009 - As much as 44 suspected cases of Mexican Flu are recorded in Indonesia at this moment. However information about most cases is limited, there are 14 suspected patients in a Jakarta hospital while 11 others are in the Sanglah general hospital on the resort island of Bali. 11 more suspected cases are treated in a hospital in Medan, North Sumatra.
03-07-2009: 44 patients with suspected Mexican Flu in hospitals

30 June 2009 - Indonesia is planning to ask all people arriving from Australia and other swine flu-affected countries to wear face masks for at least three days, the health minister says. The presence of the A(H1N1) virus was confirmed in Indonesia only last week and so far four of the eight known cases have been foreigners.
30-06-2009: Indonesia to ask tourists to wear masks

28 June 2009 - Officials confirmed Wednesday the country's first cases of the H1N1 flu after an Indonesian and a British tourist tested positive for the virus. Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari identified an Indonesian pilot who recently flew to Australia and Hong Kong, and a 22-year-old British tourist who has lived in Australia.
28-06-2009: Six infected with Mexican Flu in Indonesia

25 June 2009 - Officials confirmed Wednesday the country's first cases of the H1N1 flu after an Indonesian and a British tourist tested positive for the virus. Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari identified an Indonesian pilot who recently flew to Australia and Hong Kong, and a 22-year-old British tourist who has lived in Australia.
25-06-2009: blog Ms. Fadilah should thank Bobie for bringing Mexican flu to Indonesia
25-06-2009: Indonesia confirms first two cases of Mexican Flu

17 May 2009 - BisnisBali quotes the Chairman of the Bali Tourism Board (BTB), I. B. Ngurah Wijaya, as praising the government's quick and efficient handling of the suspected H1N1 Virus case involving a Dutch tourist landing at Bali's airport on May 10, 2009. Said Wijaya: "I think the way in which officials handled the case was excellent. I only hope that such preparedness on the part of the government is not limited to instances in which there is 'case'."
17-05-2009: Bali government's response to the H1N1 virus praised

13 May 2009 15:42 WIB - An Indonesian woman that worked outside Indonesia, which country is not released, has been brought to the general hospital in Mataram, the capital city of Nusa Tenggara Barat on the island of Lombok. The patient has a high fever and is currently in isolation awaiting test results.

13 May 2009 13:56 WIB - The two Chinese tourists that were brought to a hospital in Jakarta have been sent home because their condition is okay. There are no test results however on whether the patients indeed have H1N1 Mexican Flu or not. The hospital also released info that one earlier patient, which was a suspected case, has been sent home. The patient did not have H1N1.

13 May 2009 - Two Chinese tourists that are on a visit in Indonesia have been brought to the Sulianti Saroso hospital in Jakarta after they showed symptoms of Mexican Flu. A spokesperson of the hospital confirmed that two people were brought in last night that showed the symptoms of H1N1.
13-05-2009: Two suspected Mexian Flu patients in Jakarta

12 May 2009 - The Dutch tourist that was brought to the Sanglah general hospital yesterday after she was identified as a possible suspected case of Mexican Flu, Michele van Dorsen (32), has been sent home by the hospital earlier today because the tested negative for the H1N1 virus. She was released from the isolation room about half past eight this morning.
12-05-2009: Dutch tourist on Bali tests negative for Mexican Flu

11 May 2009 - A Dutch tourist which just arrived on the international airport of Ngurah Rai, on the resort island of Bali, has been brought to the Sanglah general hospital. It is suspected that the passenger has been infected with the H1N1 Mexican Flu virus. Michele van Dorsen has been put in isolation.
11-05-2009: Dutch tourist on Bali suspected of having Mexican Flu

10 May 2009 - A tourist from the Netherlands has been brought to the Sanglah general hospital in Denpasar on the resort island of Bali. The patient was brought there because there is a suspicion of Mexican Flu. This was reported by Metro TV, more information is not available at this moment.

3 May 2009 - Checks on foreign tourists arriving at Ngurah Rai international airport at the resort island of Bali has been tightened. Every arriving passenger is asked to report about their own health by filling in a form from the Department of Health. Passengers are positive about the checks, but think that the yellow cards from the department should be more simple.
03-05-2009: Strict health checks on arrival for tourists on Bali

30 April 2009 - The Indonesian government has confirmed that Indonesia is still free of any cases of H1N1 swine flu. The government is taking precautions however. Body-heat scanning devices are installed at several airports already and more airports have medical teams ready to check passengers for flu-like symptoms if needed.

28 April 2009
- The ever increasing number of victims that contracts H1N1 swine flu in Mexico and other countries across the globe has caused general hospitals in Indonesia to change their preparedness for bird flu into swine flu as isolation rooms are prepared once again. The general hospital in Tangerang for example, has had isolation rooms for bird flu victims since 2008. Now these rooms are prepared for possible swine flu victims.
28-04-2009: Isolation rooms for bird flu changed to swine flu

Body temperature scanners installed at some entry points
27 April 2009 - After a coordination meeting about the flu on April 27, 2009, the Indonesian government halted the importation of pigs and initiated the examination of 9 million pigs in Indonesia. Thermal scanners which can detect human body temperature have been installed at Indonesian ports of entry. Temperatures above 38 degrees Celsius cause the devices to beep, indicating fever. The devices have been installed in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport in Jakarta, Juanda Airport in Surabaya, Hang Nadim Airport in Batam, Hasanudin Airport in Makassar, Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar, Sepinggan Airport in Balikpapan, and Tanjung Priok Seaport, gates one and two in Jakarta. (Wikipedia)

27 April 2009 - The Department of Transport follows the Department of Public Health in preventing swine flu from entering Indonesia. A number of airports and seaports have prepared themselves already according to Bambang S. Ervan, a spokesperson for the department earlier today.
27-04-2009: Indonesia checks airports and seaports for swine flu

Worldwide H1N1 swine flu map.
Worldwide H1N1 swine flu map. (Link opens in new window)

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