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Alert status for Papandayan volcano raised

Mount Papandayan volcano

spacer 17 April 2008 - Authorities in Indonesia have raised the alert level for a volcano near the country's third largest city following increased volcanic activity, a volcanology center official said on Thursday. More than 100 volcanic tremors were recorded from Mount Papandayan in West Java on Wednesday, although there were no visible signs it would erupt soon, said Estu Kriswati from the volcanology center in the nearby city of Bandung.

Latest news 17-04-2008: Alert status for Papandayan volcano raised

4 August 2007 - Disaster authorities in Indonesia hav raised the alert level of the Mount Papandayan volcano in the province of West Java after volcanic activity recorded in recent weeks shows signs of an imminent eruption.
04-08-2007: Alert level raised for Papandayan volcano in West Java

Background information
Volcanoes in Indonesia
Mount Papandayan in West Java

View on top of the Papandayan volcano in 1998. Hullie under Creative Commons

Eruption of November 2002 15 November 2002 - One of the biggest vulcanoes in Indonesia, Gunung Papandayan, has woken up from it's sleep and is now threathening thousands of villagers living around and on the slopes of the vulcano. Upto now the vulcano has increased output, but there are no casualties yet. 17 November 2002 130 villagers of Mt. Papandayan seek refuge to forest
16 November 2002 Officials: Gunung Papandayan dangerous
15 November 2002 Papandayan volcano sees big eruption
15 November 2002 Rumbling volcano erupts again
13 November 2002 Volcano eruption forces thousands to flee
12 November 2002 Thousands flee volcano in Indonesia

Facts about Gunung Papandayan
Last eruption was on 1 July 1998.
Last mayor eruption was in 1942.
1772 eruption left about 3,000 people dead, mainly because of clouds of ashes.

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