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Dozens of FPI members demonstrate against Ahmadiyah in Makassar

FPI 'clashes' with moderate Muslems

spacer 13 June 2008 - The regional police has finally arrested the 'general' of the FPI Mohammad Machsuni Kaloko in the Pondok Griya housing complex in Cirebon, western Java. Machsuni was on a list of 20 people that are fugitive after the June 1 incident at Monas in Jakarta. The police ensured that Machsuni was one of the instigators of the violence between members of the FPI and a peaceful demonstration for religious freedom.

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· 20-06-2008: Dozens of FPI members demonstrate against Ahmadiyah in Makassar
· 05-06-2008: FPI 'general' Machsuni arrested in Cirebon

4 June 2008 09:05 - Jakarta police reports that they have finally arrested 57 members of the radical Islamic FPI. They are all in a secure location at the South Jakarta police headquarters. Police stresses that they are not suspects at this moment. One of the arrested people is said to be a cleaner of a local mosque, one youngster is said to be arrested by accident as well when he was watching the police make the arrests earlier this morning.
· 05-06-2008: 46 members of radical Islamic FPI released

4 June 2008 08:50 - An overwhelming police force of some 1.500 personnel have finally made 49 arrests among members of the radical Islamic FPI (Islamic Defenders Front) in Jakarta after last Sundays attack on a peaceful demonstration in the city. The arrests were done in an orderly manner without any resistance from members of the FPI.
· 04-06-2008: 1.500 police arrest 49 members of radical Islamic FPI

4 June 2008 06:40 - Hundreds of police have gathered at the location of the office of FPI in central Jakarta earlier this morning. Just after six in the morning local time dozens of trucks showed upin Jalan Petamburan Raya. Local residents reported that dozens of trucks rolled in the streets just after dawn.
· 04-06-2008: Hundreds of police search for FPI members

3 June 2008 21:10 - The Greater Jakarta police is currently looking for five more people from the FPI as possible suspects in the attack on the peaceful demonstration two days ago. Earlier police reported that they were looking for just five members. Meanwhile, 'security' at the house of the leader of FPI, Habib Rizieq, is increased as they don't seem to agree on the upcoming arrests of the ten members.

3 June 2008 21:10 - Members of the Al-Ashriyyah Nurul Iman 'pesantren' (islamic boarding school) are preparing themselves for a battle so it seems. Earlier this evening they held prayers in which they asked for protection for bullets. Outside that they are said to be making weapons from bamboo and wood to protect members of the FPI. The 'pesantren' is closely related to the radical islamic FPI. There are some 5.000 students in the 'pesantren'.

3 June 2008 20:55 - More and more moderate Islamic leaders and groups in Indonesia are calling for a swift disbandment of the radical islamic FPI movement after they have "stained the Indonesian state, the state ideology and Islam" by attacking unarmed demonstrators two days ago. Many regional offices of FPI have heightened security either by police or FPI members in anticipation of possible anti-FPI raids.

3 June 2008 18:50 - In anticipation of possible attacks at the office of FPI in Jakarta, the access road to the complex has been closed off by members of FPI. They will not allow people to pass the bamboo barricade.

3 June 2008 - Supporters of Indonesia’s largest Islamic organisation clashed with Muslim hard-liners following a bloody attack on interfaith activists by the radicals. One person was injured in the brawl late yesterday between members of Nahdhatul Ulama and hard-liners from the Islamic Defenders Front in Yogyakarta on Java island. Angry crowds have gathered outside offices and homes of the FPI in two other towns on Java in recent days.
· 03-06-2008: Indonesian govt mulls freezing FPI over brutality (forum)
· 03-06-2008: AKKBB: 'FPI tries to divert attention to Ahmadiyah sect'
· 03-06-2008: Hardline Muslems clash with moderate mayority after attack (forum)
· 01-06-2008: Islamic hard-liners break up religious tolerance rally (forum)

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