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Ahmad Yani airport in Semarang closed due to flooding

Java landslides and floods

spacer 2 February 2007 - According to the Flood Coordination Team of the Jakarta area, there were flood reported at 144 locations in the city. They all formed in less than two hours. Around 12:00 local time (GMT+7) yesterday afternoon there were floods on 70 locations in the city. Just two hours later there were 144 spots. This information was released by the head of the team, Bobby Aryono on Friday evening.

Latest news
19-02-2008: Ahmad Yani airport in Semarang closed due to flooding
16-02-2008: Twenty kilometers of traffic jam between Pati and Rembang
15-02-2008: Floods in Karawang spreads
07-02-2008: Seven killed in Brebes landslide
03-02-2008: Domestic flights diverted to Halim Perdanakusuma
02-02-2008: Floods hit big parts of Jakarta
01-02-2008: Floods hit big parts of Jakarta
31-01-2008: Floods hit Semarang city
31-01-2008: Floods hit Lamongan city

9 January 2007 - Thousands of hectares of rice paddies in fifteen sub-districts in the district of Bojonegoro, eastern Java, are destroyed or have rotten away because of flooding from the Bengawan Solo river. The area of rice paddies that has been completely destroyed is located in the sub-district Purwosari, Kalitidu, Kapas and Truk.
09-01-2008: Farmers deal with huge losses after floods
06-01-2008: Landslides in Pacitan and Malang cause damage

2 January 2007 - Already 23 residents from the district of Ngawi, eastern Java, have died as a result of the flooding of the Bengawan Solo river since a few days back. The regional disaster team in the district of Ngawi has said that most of the deceased were elderly.
02-01-2008: Already 23 dead from floods in Ngawi district

31 December 2007 - The Meteorological and Geophysical Agency predicts that in the coming days big parts of Indonesia will be hit by rains with an intensity between light and very heavy together with strong winds. There are warnings outstanding for the new years celebrations in Jabodetabek where it will most likely rain throughout the day. This information was released by Achmad Zakir, who is head of the information department of BMG.
01-01-2008: Muara Baru flooded with seawater once again
31-12-2007: BMG: 'Big parts of Indonesia in danger of more floods'

High waves expected in the first days of 2008 could also lead to flooding of some coastlines.

31 December 2007 - The number of fatalities of landslides and floods in Java Island, has climbed to 153, the National Disaster Management Agency said Sunday. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has warned of possible catastrophes across the nation, which has thousands of lack-forest covered areas with dense population, due to prediction of the meteorology agency that rainfalls would be high in December, January and February.
31-12-2007: Total toll in landslides and floods climbs to 153
31-12-2007: Many flood victims in Mojokerto not satisfied with relief efforts
30-12-2007: Bojonegoro city now also flooded
29-12-2007: Bali cleans its beaches after high waters recede

29 December 2007 - Landslides and floods caused by heavy rain have left at least 120 people dead or missing on Java. Rescuers struggle to pull out bodies under the thick mud. Officials inform that thousands of people have become homeless when their houses were submerged by floods or destroyed in landslides in villages near the Bengawan Solo river in central Java.
29-12-2007: Over 120 feared dead in Java landslides and floods
28-12-2007: Bengawan Solo river causes widespread flooding
28-12-2007: Thousands of residents in Ngawi spend night at roofs

26 December 2007 - The Damjati bridge in the village of Semen in the district of Magetan, eastern Java, has collapsed because it was not able to withstand the high water level in the river. At least 20 people are missing, they were dragged away by the powerful currents. Until earlier this evening, none of the missing persons had been found. The high currents of the swollen river make it very difficult to look for the missing.
26-12-2007: 20 missing when bridge collapses in Magetan
26-12-2007: Over 70 dead in landslides in Karanganyar district, central Java

26 December 2007 - At least 61 people were killed and 36 others went missing after rain-triggered landslides hit Tawangmangu district at Karanganyar regency of Central Java province on Wednesday, disaster management agency said. An official of the agency at the field Anggit M.S. told that rescuers, comprising soldiers, police and personnel from the national rescue agency, were searching those missing under the buried houses.
26-12-2007: Over 60 dead in landslides in Karanganyar district, central Java
26-12-2007: High waves worsen abrasion at Mataram beaches
25-12-2007: Dozens of houses destroyed by high waves in Banten

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