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Intensity of eruptions Mount Semeru decreases

Mount Semeru volcano

spacer 6 November 2007 - Eruptions still take place at the Mount Semeru volcano in the district Liumajang in eastern Java, but it's intensity is going down. Seismic data from the observation post Gunung Sawut in Lumajang shows that there are some 40 eruptions every day. Earlier this was somewhere between 55 and 130 times a day.

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06-11-2007: Intensity of eruptions Mount Semeru decreases

1 November 2007 - Mount Semeru volcano in the district of Lumajang in the province of east Java is in eruption since a few hours ago. The volcano showed the eruption with a dust storm and an explosion which could be heard up to one kilometer away from the crater. "The tourist track to hike to the peak of the volcano is obviously closed down immediately until further notice."
01-11-2007: Mount Semeru volcano erupts with bang and ash clouds

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