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Mount Kelud lava dome is not expanding anymore

Mount Kelud (Kelut) volcano

spacer 16 June 2008 - The observation team for the Mount Kelud volcano near the city of Kediri in central Java has decided not to lower it's alert status in the next two years. The head of the observation post, Khoirul Huda, explain that at this time there are still signs of the seemingly imminent eruption from half a year ago. This causes the character of the volcano to be instable.

Two names
The Mount Kelut volcano is also known a Mount Kelud, or in Indonesian Gunung Kelud.

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Steam rises from crater

Steam rises from crater

Steam rises from crater

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22-06-2008: Mount Kelud lava dome is not expanding anymore
16-06-2008: Mount Kelud volcano will take years to cool down

20 December 2007 - The Meteorological and Geophysics Agency in Indonesia has lowered the status of the Mount Kelud volcano to 'status I', or normal volcanic activity as of yesterday. The volcano is back to it's normal level and now poses no direct threat anymore. The intensive volcano watch is also withdrawn, however the volcano is always observed.
08-11-2007: Mount Kelud alert status downgraded to level III
08-11-2007: Between volcanoes
08-11-2007: Mystics: 'Mount Kelud to erupt in a week'

8 November 2007 10:40 (GMT+7) - The Center for Volcanology and Geology Disaster Mitigation has lowered the alert status of the Mount Kelud volcano earlier this morning because it's activity has been lower than in the past few days. This means that thousands of people can now return to their homes after three weeks of - sometimes forced - evacuations.

7 November 2007 10:45 (GMT+7) - The Mount Kelud volcano in eastern Java is still active. As is reported by reporters at the scene, the lava island inside the crater lake of the volcano is still growing. This is measured by the number of tremors originating from the crater. Clouds of white steam and smoke are still exhausted by the central part of the crater and reach altitudes of around 1,000 meters.
07-11-2007: Lava island in Mount Kelud's crater growing

6 November 2007 12:40 (GMT+7) - The new island in the crater lake of the Mount Kelud volcano has been identified as being remaining lava from it's latest eruption in 1990. There are now three different scenarios for a likely eruption of the 1,731 meter high volcano. According to the Center for Volcanology and Geophysics in Bandung, there are three scenarios with an even chance of happening.
06-11-2007: New island in Mount Kelud crater lake closely observed

6 November 2007 09:40 (GMT+7) - The situation of the Mount Kelud volcano in the district of Kediri in eastern Java is still very dangerous. Scientists at the observation post of the volcano say they expect a significant eruption any time soon. Clouds of steam and ash still rise from the crater lake, which has by now reached boiling point.

5 November 2007 16:20 (GMT+7) - A new island has formed inside the crater lake of the Mount Kelud volcano. Volcanic material from the eruption in 1990 is forming this new island beause it is pushed upward by new magma in the crater pipe. The island measures about 100 meter in diameter at the moment Clouds of steam now reach altitudes of 800 meters above the crater and volcanic tremors are continuously measured.

5 November 2007 17:00 (GMT+7) - The Mount Kelud volcano is dangerously close to an eruption on Monday as magma was pushing upwards through the blocked crater, causing boiling water to spill down it's slopes, according a volcanologist. The water level in the crater lake has fallen because of cracks in it's surface. This also caused damage to essential equipment used to monitor the volcano.
05-11-2007: Mount Kelud spills boiling water from it's crater

5 November 2007 11:40 (GMT+7) - The condition of the Mount Kelud volcano in the district of Kediri in eastern Java gets more critical by the moment. Outside small tremors in the earth there are also tremors caused by escaping gases which escape from the center of the crater. Based on the information from the observation post near the volcano, until this moment, white clouds of steam escape from the area which was closed off during the eruption of 1990.
05-11-2007: Mount Kelud starts emitting clouds of steam

4 November 2007 17:05 (GMT+7) - In recent hours the temperature of the bottom of the crater lake has increased further to some 74.6 C, which indicates a rise of about two degrees per hour since this afternoon. The clouds of steam are still rising from the top of the volcano. Meanwhile one river towards the west of the volcano, which has seen mud and stones being taken downstream, is warming up slowly. Some steam now rises from it.
04-11-2007: Mount Kelud starts emitting clouds of steam

4 November 2007 15:35 (GMT+7) - The temperature of the crater lake at the Mount Kelud volcano rises significantly by the hour now. Readings from 14:00 (GMT+7) showed that the crater lake has reached temperatures of 70.1 C, up from 52.9 C one day ago. The volcano now emits clouds of steam from it's crater as well.
04-11-2007: Scientists: 'Eruption of Mount Kelud still imminent'
04-11-2007: Crater lake Mount Kelud heats up quickly

4 November 2007 05:35 (GMT+7) - Indonesia's volcano center says that the Mount Kelud volcano in eastern Java has not erupted yet, as earlier reported on Saturday. "There was no eruption. If there had been an eruption, our equipment near the crater would have been damaged," told Surono, head of the Centre for Vulcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation.
04-11-2007: Officials: 'Mount Kelud did not erupt yet'

3 November 2007 22:20 (GMT+7) - Staff from Indonesia's Volcanologic Survey, which earlier abandoned the observation post close to the crater of the Mount Kelud volcano has returned to that post after the frequency of tremors declined. At 19:00 local time (GMT+7) the post was manned once again, however the people there are still on alert for a possible quick escape in case of a larger eruption, which is expected to happen any time now.

3 November 2007 18:10 (GMT+7) - Measuring instruments placed on the edge of the crater are still functioning, indicating that the main part of the eruption has not started yet. The really bad weather around the volcano fuels fears that a posible lahar will be much bigger because of all the water already available. Several roads towards the west of the volcano have actually been closed because of flooding. A cold mud and small rocks - not from this eruption but old deposits - block the roads in that area.
03-11-2007: Residents flee as Mount Kelud begins erupting

3 November 2007 17:20 (GMT+7) - According to data from an observation post, the Mount Kelud volcano is in eruption. A few hours ago, tremors started to pick up once again, but now they broke the maximum level, which means there is an active eruption. There is no sign yet of ash clouds or lava showing up, but that might be just a matter of time. The crater is filled with a big lake and the weather around the volcano is bad as well.
03-11-2007: Scientists: 'Mount Kelud about to blow its top'

2 November 2007 16:10 (GMT+7) - Scientists at an observation post near the Mount Kelud volcano have told that the temperature of the crater lake has now reached 41.0 C, which is higher than the maximum temperature before it's last eruption in 1990, which then reached 40.0 C. The crater lake itself hasn't changed color yet, but there are increasing amounts of gases bubling to the surface.

2 November 2007 14:25 (GMT+7) - Non-stop tremors rock the deadly Mount Kelud volcano on Friday, clearly signalling that a powerful eruption could be imminent, according to scientists. Villagers living on the slopes of the volcano however still refuse to flee, hoping that if they keep quiet, the volcano would not erupt. The intensity and frequency of the tremors inside the volcano already exceeded numbers reached in the days and hours before the eruption in 1990.
01-11-2007: Scientists: 'Mount Kelud about to blow its top'

1 November 2007 15:55 (GMT+7) - According to BMG (Office for Meteorology and Geophysics) the status of the Mount Kelud volcano is back to 'critical' for the first time since October 16, when there were 302 tremors in a five hour timeframe. Earlier today, the volcano produced 322 tremors in just three hours, prompting high alert. Forced evacuations are carried out within a ten-kilometer danger zone around the crater by armed police.
01-11-2007: Dramatic increase in tremors inside Kelud volcano
31-10-2007: Mount Kelud keeps villagers on high alert, crater lake heats up further

28 October 2007 - Mount Kelud, the 1,731-meter volcano with a history of deadly eruptions, is still about to erupt, keeping tens of thousands of residents in refugee shelters. A scientist at one of the monitoring posts around the volcano said that the water in the 15-meter deep crater lake reached 39.0 C on Saturday morning, that is just below the 40.0 C before it's last eruption in 1990.
28-10-2007: photobook: Mount Kelud (Kelut) volcano
28-10-2007: Mount Kelud crater lake heats up even further
26-10-2007: Three volcanoes simmering in Indonesia
25-10-2007: President visits Mount Kelud refugees
23-10-2007: Eruption threat of Mount Kelud rising
22-10-2007: Evacuees wait for Mount Kelut to erupt
21-10-2007: Situation report Mount Kelut volcano; no. 3
20-10-2007: 'Risk of eruption of Kelut volcano extremely high'
20-10-2007: Eight journalists trapped on slope of Mount Kelut
19-10-2007: Scientist: 'Pressure rising in Kelut volcano'

19 October 2007 - A number of tremors shook the simmering volcano in eastern Java for about one hour on Friday, indicating that an eruption is imminent, according to an expert. The tremors, which are too small to be felt by humans, started around 15:00 local time, told Kristanto, chief volcanologist at the monitoring station near the Mount Kelut volcano. He said that the longest of the tremors just lasted some 45 seconds.

Dozens of police from the local police force in Kediri, eastern Java, have forced villagers out of the first danger zone at the Mount Kelut volcano to some evacuation camps in the village of Tawang, subdistrict of Wates, on Thursday night. These forceful evacuations started after villagers started to return to their villages after initial evacuation at free will.
19-10-2007: Situation report Mount Kelut volcano; no. 2
19-10-2007: Villagers forced to evacuate by armed police
18-10-2007: Situation report Mount Kelut volcano; no. 1

17 October 2007 - Hundreds of villages which evacuated themselves from the dangerous slopes of the Mount Kelut volcano just last night, headed back home again earlier today from their refugee camps to tend their crops and animals despite warnings of an imminent major eruption. Yesterday as many as 50,000 people started evacuating after the alert status of the volcano was placed on the highest possible level.
17-10-2007: President Yudhoyono calls for distribution of masks
17-10-2007: No food in evacuation camps; people return to dangerous slopes ( forum )

17 October 2007 - Indonesia is warning that one of it's most active volcanoes may now erupt at any time. The alert status for the volcano is at the highest level at the moment. "An eruption is imminent" stated the website of the Volcanological Survey of Indonesia. Officials have now ordered the evacuation of some 30,000 people living within the danger zones on the slopes of the 1,731-meter volcano in eastern Java.
17-10-2007: Agency: 'Eruption of Mount Kelut imminent'
17-10-2007: Mount Kelut (Kelud) volcano now at highest alert status

14 October 2007 - The Mount Kelut volcano in East Java, which was put on the second-highest alert level last month, shows several alarming signs all indicating that it is about to erupt, said a top volcano expert in Indonesia. "I'm scared about Kelut," said Surono, head of the Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation in Bandung. "Kelut is now on the point of no return."
14-10-2007: Worrying signs from Mount Kelut
06-10-2007: Fixing dams to limit damage from threatening eruption
06-10-2007: Hundreds start evacuation from slopes of Mount Kelut

5 October 2007 - Hundreds of villagers living inside the danger zones on the slopes of Mount Kelut are in the process of evacuating as the volcano threatens to erupt, told a representative of the Health Ministry. The head of the local crisis center, Rustam Pakaya, said that the evacuees were just the high-risk persons like pregnant women, babies, children, old persons and crippled.
30-09-2007: Mount Kelut volcano in East Java getting more active

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