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Black boxes from Adam Air plane found

Adam Air plane missing

spacer 23 August 2007 - A salvage ship operated by the United States has arrived in Indonesia to hunt for the black box of an Adam Air plane that crashed into the sea on New Years' day, killing 102 passengers and crew. The Boeing went missing off South Sulawesi and sparked a massive search in the early days of this year.

Latest news
28-08-2007: Black boxes from Adam Air plane found
23-08-2007: Search underway for black box Adam Air plane

25 January 2007 18:52 CIT (WIB) - The U.S. Navy has picked up signals from the flight data recorders of an Indonesian jetliner that crashed into the sea on New Year's Day with 102 people onboard, the U.S. Embassy said. The USNS Mary Sears located signals "on the same frequency of the black boxes associated with the missing airplane,'' the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta said in a statement Thursday.
14-02-2007: Adam Air to continue expansion
30-01-2007: Indonesia needs foreign help to lift crashed plane black boxes (forum)
25-01-2007: Black boxes from Indonesia crash found

23 January 2007 - Adam Air Monday promised to give 500 million rupiah (42.500 euro) compensation to each passenger of its plane, which has disappeared since Jan. 1 when it was on its way from East Java's capital of Surabaya to North Sulawesi's capital of Manado. The plane has disappeared together with its 92 passengers and 10 crew members.
23-01-2007: Victim of missing Adam Air plane to get compensation (forum)
21-01-2007: Wreckage of missing Adam Air plane not found yet
18-01-2007: Adam Air to replace Boeings with Airbus aircraft
17-01-2007: Pilots concerned over Indonesia airlines (story)
16-01-2007: Indonesia plane likely spiraled into sea
15-01-2007: Fuel spill may be new clue on missing Adam Air jet
14-01-2007: Probe into Indonesia jet crash hampered

11 January 2007 - A fisherman found a piece of a Boeing 737 that disappeared more than 10 days ago, the first hard evidence that the plane carrying 102 people had crashed into the sea off Sulawesi, a top search official said Thursday. The piece of tail from Adam Air Flight KI-574 was recovered Wednesday in the Makassar Strait, 185 miles off Sulawesi Island's coast, said Eddy Suyanto, the head of search and rescue operations.
11-01-2007: Piece of missing jet found off Sulawesi (forum)

09 January 2007 - A U.S. navy ship is set to join on Tuesday the search for an Indonesian airliner with 102 people on board missing for the past eight days, with the hunt focusing on a large metal object detected deep on the sea bed. The object was discovered on Monday by Indonesian ships with sonar technology about 1,000 metres (1,150 yards) under the ocean north of Mamuju in West Sulawesi province.
10-01-2007: Canada joins search for missing Adam Air plane
09-01-2007: Plane search focuses on undersea object

08 January 2007 - Indonesia has asked for foreign help in finding a missing passenger jet as anger grows over inaccurate official statements that the plane's wreckage was found. Military officials say Singapore and the United States have been asked to assist in the search effort. Rescue teams are conducting searches by air and sea, scouring waters off the coast of northern Sulawesi Island as well as its dense tropical forests. Bad weather is complicating the process.
08-01-2007: 700 servicemen sent to Rantepau, Mamuju to search for missing plane
08-01-2007: Some missing planes have never been found (forum)
07-01-2007: Veep promises to spare no efforts in search for missing plane
06-01-2007: Indonesia denies discrimination in transport mishaps rescue efforts
06-01-2007: Indonesia plane pilot said to alter path
05-01-2007: U.S. uses sattelite imaging to search for missing Adam Air plane
05-01-2007: Fate of Adam Air plane carrying 102 remains mystery (forum)
04-01-2007: Indonesia seeks foreign help in search for missing airliner

03 January 2007 18:12 WIB - Furious media accused authorities Wednesday of lying after officials erroneously reported that rescuers had found wreckage and survivors from a missing airliner carrying 102 people. "The people have been lied to," said the Pikiran Umum daily, as search and rescue teams hunted for the plane which vanished off radar screens Monday en route from central Java island to the island of Sulawesi.
03-01-2007: Media accuse officials over plane 'survivors' (forum)
03-01-2007: Surveillance plane makes emergency landing
03-01-2007: Rescuers to search sea for Adam Air plane wreck
03-01-2007: Indonesia seeks boat survivors, downed airliner

02 January 2007 20:26 WIB - Senior Indonesian officials said on Tuesday reports that an airliner with 102 people on board had been found on Sulawesi island were wrong, and the plane was still missing. Officials had earlier said that wreckage of the Adam Air plane had been found after it had crashed into the mountains in heavy rain. There were reports 12 people had survived the crash.
02-01-2007: General: 'Indonesian airliner still missing'

Adam Air plane wreckage found
02 January 2007 14:00 WIB - A search plane spotted the smoldering wreckage of an Indonesian jetliner that was carrying 102 people and went missing over Indonesia's Sulawesi island, but there were no word on survivors, an air force commander said. "We have found the plane," rear commander Eddy Suyanto told el-Shinta radio station. He said the plane was "destroyed" and had crashed in a mountainous region in west Sulawesi province.

Remark 20:26 WIB: Later an air force general in Makassar announced that the plane had NOT been spotted yet and that those messages as well those about survivors and deaths are therefore NOT true as well.

02-01-2007: [Update] 12 survive Adam Air jet crash; 90 dead
02-01-2007: [Update] Wreckage of Indonesian plane spotted (forum)

02 January 2007 - Bad weather has forced authorities in Indonesia to suspend a search operation for a passenger aircraft which disappeared off the island of Sulawesi. The Adam Air commercial airliner had about 100 people on board and was on a flight from Surabaya to Manado, on the northern tip of Sulawesi. A spokesman for the airline says air traffic controllers lost contact with the plane just off the coast of Sulawesi, when it was at an altitude of 35,000 feet and about one hour from its destination.
02-01-2007: Adam Air flight KI-574 passenger and crew list
02-01-2007: Relatives of missing aircraft's passengers busy seeking information
02-01-2007: Crash fears grow as plane goes missing in storm
02-01-2007: Missing Adam Air aircraft reported airworthy
02-01-2007: Missing Indonesian plane sent out distress signal

01 January 2007 - A passenger plane lost contact with flight controllers Monday as it flew between Indonesia's Java and Sulawesi islands, officials said. Aviation authorities are unable to contact Adam Air flight KI-754, Gunawan Suherman, Adam Air's chief executive, told The Associated Press.
01-01-2007: Adam Air plane loses contact over Java Sea

Probable location of the crashed Adam Air Boeing 737-400
Remark 02 January 2006 20:28 WIB: According to information from Changi Airport (Singapore) the plane should be at these coordinates. Earlier today SAR-teams found no airplane at this specific location. Officially the airplane is still lost and is now expected to have crashed into the sea.

Location of the crashed Adam Air Boeing 737-400.
Location of the crashed Adam Air Boeing 737-400.

Adam Air Boeing 737-400
An Adam Air Boeing 737-400 on an undated file photo.
An Adam Air Boeing 737-400 on an undated file photo.

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