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Yogyakarta six months after the quake

Java shaken by quake

spacer 27 November 2006 - Six months after a powerful earthquake reduced much of two Indonesian provinces to rubble, IOM is still building thousands of temporary homes, providing support services to badly injured survivors and transporting hundreds of metric tons of supplies into the quake-affected areas. The 27 May, 6.3 magnitude quake struck at dawn off the coast of Java, killing 6,000 people and injuring 50,000 more in densely populated Yogyakarta and Central Java provinces.

News stories
27-05-2007: Yogyakarta six months after the quake (forum)
27-05-2007: Keeping connected in Yogyakarta
27-11-2006: Yogyakarta six months after the quake
06-10-2006: Banks ready to disburse Yogyakarta reconstruction fund

16 June 2006 - Tetanus has killed at least 18 earthquake survivors among more than 50 known cases of the infection spread through bacteria, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday. Health workers and the United Nations agency have been conducting vaccination campaigns against tetanus and measles after the quake around Yogyakarta that killed more than 5,700 people and left tens of thousands homeless.
16-07-2006: Children in quake-zone to return to school
16-07-2006: Australia to provide more fund for quake victims

Earthquake in pictures, updated
-17-06-2006: photobook: Central Java earthquake
17-06-2006: photobook: Go to the new pictures of today

News stories
26-06-2006: Abu Bakar Bashir addresses quake survivors
16-06-2006: WHO: Tetanus kills 18 quake survivors in Java
16-06-2006: Lack of funds hits Java quake relief

08-06-2006: excel Tabulation of victims and damage (format .xls)

Earthquake in pictures
-05-06-2006: photobook: Central Java earthquake
05-06-2006: photobook: Go to the new pictures of today

09-06-2006: Indonesia to take measures for preventing diseases in quake areas
08-06-2006: Red Cross triples aid appeal for Indonesia quake
07-06-2006: Indonesia begins immunizations in earthquake zone

5 June 2006 - Many of Indonesia's 650,000 homeless earthquake survivors are living with deteriorating sanitary conditions, forced to wash with dirty water that infects wounds and spreads skin disease, doctors said Sunday. Another peril loomed from a nearby volcano, which spewed lava and hot gases dozens of times on Sunday.
05-06-2006: Sanitary conditions worsen in quake-hit area
04-06-2006: China delivers more aid to quake-hit Indonesia
04-06-2006: Java quake toll soars as hospitals strained

3 June 2006 - The Indonesian government will set up 5,000 tents to house emergency classes for students in quake- stricken areas in Yogyakarta and Central Java, a minister said. The emergency classes would be open starting July 2006, the Antara News Agency quoted National Education Minister Bambang Sudibyo as saying on Saturday.
03-06-2006: Gov't to set up 5,000 tents for emergency classes
03-06-2006: Agency: 'Quake survivors at risk from bird flu'

Earthquake in pictures, updated
03-06-2006: photobook: Central Java earthquake
03-06-2006: photobook: Go to the new pictures of today

Earthquake in pictures, updated
02-06-2006: photobook: Central Java earthquake
02-06-2006: photobook: Go to the new pictures of today

2 June 2006 - Survivors of an earthquake in Indonesia which killed over 6,000 people attended weekly prayers at a damaged mosque on Friday, where a preacher called for patience in waiting for desperately-needed aid. The UN said it was in the process of removing bottlenecks in the supply of water, food and material to the victims of Saturday's magnitude 6.3 quake and announced plans for a six-month $103 million relief programme.
02-06-2006: Java quake survivors told to be patient
02-06-2006: Prayers in Java as looters hinder quake aid

Devastated Bantul villages from the air
01-06-2006: Central Java earthquake damage
01-06-2006: Damage at the Prambanan temple-complex

1 June 2006 - Tens of thousands of Indonesians took refuge in flimsy tents in the earthquake-hit region of Java island on Thursday, as officials urged a stop to aid distribution by night to prevent theft and looting. Rescue workers were still pulling dead bodies from the rubble of the 6.3 magnitude quake, which struck at dawn on Saturday and levelled entire villages around the ancient royal capital of Yogyakarta, reducing homes to piles of wood, tiles and tin.
02-06-2006: Indonesia rejects foreign loan offers for quake victims
02-06-2006: Suspected epidemic disease detected in quake-hit zone
01-06-2006: Flimsy tents now home for Indonesia quake survivors
01-06-2006: Aid has yet to reach some in central Java
01-06-2006: Java earthquake death toll exceeds 6,000 people

Earthquake in pictures, updated
31-05-2006: photobook: Central Java earthquake
31-05-2006: photobook: Go to the new pictures of today

31 May 2006 - Some 660,000 people have turned into homeless in Yogyakarta province after their houses were flattened by a powerful earthquake, killing more than 5,800 people, an official said on Wednesday. Saturday's magnitude-6.3 quake pounded more than 135,000 houses into piles of bricks, tiles and wood in less than a minute.
31-05-2006: Indonesia quake victims put ghost fears to rest
31-05-2006: Saturday's quake displaces some 660,000 people
31-05-2006: Java earthquake death toll passes 5,800

Earthquake in pictures, updated
30-05-2006: photobook: Central Java earthquake
30-05-2006: photobook: Go to the new pictures of today

30 May 2006 - International relief efforts picked up on Tuesday for survivors of a weekend earthquake that killed more than 5,000 people, with a score of countries now involved. Planes carrying vital supplies from abroad reached the stricken region, while the airport at the ancient royal capital of Yogyakarta re-opened to commercial traffic despite a heavily damaged terminal.
30-05-2006: Java earthquake death toll nears 5,700
30-05-2006: Quake survivors wait patiently for help
30-05-2006: US boosts contribution to Indonesia
30-05-2006: Indonesia's cultural heart escapes worst of quake
30-05-2006: Indonesia quake death toll at 5,427
30-05-2006: Hopes wane for Java quake survivors

Earthquake in pictures, updated
29-05-2006: photobook: Central Java earthquake
29-05-2006: photobook: Go to the new pictures of today

29 May 2006 - The Indonesian government declared a state of emergency after an earthquake killed more than 5,100 people on Java island. Vice President Jusuf Kalla said after a cabinet meeting that the three-month emergency period was aimed at providing food, healthcare and shelter to an estimated 50,000 people displaced by the disaster.
29-05-2006: Desperate quake victims await aid
29-05-2006: Expert: Indonesia quake may trigger Merapi eruption
29-05-2006: Supplies arrive in Javanese quake zone
29-05-2006: Govt fights to stop disease as quake toll rises to 4,983
28-05-2006: Govt declares state of emergency after quake

28 May 2006 - Rescue workers dug desperately for survivors on Sunday as residents returned to ruined homes on Indonesia's densely populated island of Java a day after a powerful earthquake killed more than 4,300. Trucks full of volunteers from Indonesian political parties and Islamic groups, as well as military vehicles carrying soldiers, headed south from the ancient royal city of Yogyakarta to Bantul, hardest hit by the quake, to help in the effort.
28-05-2006: 'Yogyakarta airport reopens for commercial flights on Tuesday'
28-05-2006: World famous temple complex damaged in quake
28-05-2006: 3,700 dead, Indonesia struggles to heal
28-05-2006: Hospitals overflow amid fear, death
28-05-2006: Search for survivors as Indonesia quake tops 3,000
28-05-2006: Powerful quake in Java kills over 3,500

Earthquake in pictures
27-05-2006: photobook: Central Java earthquake

27 May 2006: Sapphire Mall damage.
27 May 2006: Near Bethesda hospital.

Where to donate
International aid organizations are accepting donations to help victims of the earthquake in Indonesia. The groups include:
International Red Cross
Catholic Relief Services
International Medical Corps

27 May 2006 - More than 2,900 people have been killed and thousands more seriously injured after an earthquake flattened entire districts of Indonesia's ancient royal city of Yogyakarta. Measuring 6.2 on the Richter scale, the quake destroyed thousands of buildings in the city, a major tourist attraction, after shaking a densely populated region of southern Java shortly after dawn yesterday.
27-05-2006: Aid for Java earthquake victims
27-05-2006: Java quake death toll nears 3,000
27-05-2006: Yudhoyono to visit earthquake-hit Yogyakarta
27-05-2006: Jawa quake leaves at least 1,700 dead, thousands injured
27-05-2006: Hospitals: At least 200 dead in quake, toll expected to rise
27-05-2006: Emergency status imposed in quake-hit area
27-05-2006: Java shaken by quake; 115 deaths reported
27-05-2006: forum: Java shaken by quake; 115 deaths reported

Location of the earthquake
6.2 M Java quake; 27-05-2006 05:54 WIB
4.8 M Java aftershock; 27-05-2006 10:10 WIB
4.5 M Java aftershock; 27-05-2006 11:21 WIB

Location of the earthquake.

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