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Indonesian church bomber identified as wanted terrorist

Terrorism in Indonesia

spacer September 28, 2011 - The Indonesian suicide bomber who attacked a protestant church in Central Java on Sunday has been identified as a wanted terrorist, authorities said on Tuesday.

Latest news
September 25, 2011 - At least two people had been confirmed dead in a suicide attack in a church in Solo. Bambang Sumartono, an official at Dr. Oen hospital, said that 20 people, including a child, were admitted to the hospital, and one of the victims, a teenager, died in the emergency room.
· 28-09-2011: Indonesian church bomber identified as wanted terrorist
· 27-09-2011: NU: \'Suicide bombing can never be a form of jihad\'
· 27-09-2011: Police: \'Suicide bomber was not alone\'
· 25-09-2011: Two dead in suicide bomb attack on Surakarta church

Abu Bakar Bashir process
· 24-02-2011: Muslim cleric Baashir denies funding al-Qaeda in Aceh cell
· 14-02-2011: \'Abu Bakar Bashir was banker for terrorists\'

December 31, 2010 - Ten Indonesians linked to the terrorist paramilitary camp in the country\'s Aceh province were sentenced on Thursday from 8 to 10 years in a Jakarta court, prosecutors said.
· 31-12-2010: Indonesia jails another 10 people linked to Aceh terror group
· 28-12-2010: Seven Indonesian men sentenced to prison for terrorism
· 15-12-2010: Indonesian terror suspect Abu Tholut defended by 16 attorneys

December 14, 2010 - The Indonesian National Anti-terror Agency (BNPT) on Tuesday warned citizens about the possibility of bombings and other forms of terrorist attacks, the Jakarta Post reported.
· 14-12-2010: Indonesia\'s anti-terror agency warns of possible terrorist attacks
· 14-12-2010: Indonesia arrests four suspected terrorists linked to Tholut and Bashir
· 14-12-2010: Prosecutors seek long sentences for suspected Aceh terrorists

December 13, 2010 - An Indonesian Islamic cleric now faces the death penalty after new terror charges were brought against him, officials said on Monday. 72-year-old Abu Bakar Bashir, who is the suspected leader of a terrorist paramilitary training facility in the Aceh province of Sumatra, has been charged with at least five articles within Indonesia\'s anti-terrorism laws.
· 13-12-2010: Islamic cleric faces death penalty on terrorism charges

December 5, 2010 - Indonesian terror suspect, Fadli Sadama, arrived at the Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Tangerang, under strict guard from Detachment 88, Indonesia\'s National Police anti-terror squad, around 5 p.m on Saturday, a police spokesman said.
· 05-12-2010: Suspected terrorist arrives in Jakarta under heavy guard

May 13, 2010 - The police’s counterterrorism squad has captured 17 terrorist suspects alive and shot dead five others in a series of raids conducted since Thursday last week. Spokesman for the National Police Insp. Gen. Edward Aritonang said the five suspects were killed in the latest raids on two separate places in Cililitan, East Java and in Cikampek in West Java on Wednesday.
· 13-05-2010: Twelve suspected terrorists arrested in Jakarta region
· 13-05-2010: New round of terrorist hunting: 17 arrested, five dead

May 7, 2010 - The anti terror unit of the Indonesian national police, Densus 88, has arrested a number of suspected terrorists yesterday and earlier today. This happened in a number of separate raids in the last 24 hours. The raids were held in Jakarta and Bekasi, directly east of the Indonesian capital.
· 07-05-2010: Twelve suspected terrorists arrested in Jakarta region

October 9, 2009 - A rented house along Jalan Semanggi II, in the Ciputat area of Tangerang, has been raided by the anti-terrorism unit of the Indonesian police. Over a dozen members of Densus 88 raided the house when a gunfight erupted. After the raid, the police has closed off the area while residents had to keep some distance
· 09-10-2009: Densus 88 holds raid in Ciputat: two dead, four arrested
· 22-09-2009: Body of terrorist refused by villagers
· 20-09-2009: DNA test confirms Noordin M. Top indeed dead

17 September 2009 - The head of the national police, Bambang Hendarso Danuri, has confirmed that Noordin M. Top, the most wanted terrorist in Southeast Asia, has been killed in a raid near the city of Solo in Central Java earlier today. \"The fingerprints we took from one of the terror suspects\' bodies matched those of Noordin that we obtained from Malaysia. We found similarity in at least 14 points, which is a justifiable proof.\"
· 17-09-2009: Parents of killed terrorists missing

17 September 2009 - After last nights anti-terrorist raid by Densus 88, it is now speculating on who were among the three or four people killed in the gunfight and explosions in a house in a village near the city of Solo in Central Java. Some media already reported that they know for sure that Noordin M. Top has been killed this time and a member of parliament also said the same.
· 17-09-2009: Noordin Mohammad Top dead again?

17 September 2009 - The special anti-terrorist unit Densus 88 has shot and killed three suspected terrorists in a village near the city of Solo in Central Java. The bodies have been taken to the airport of Adi Soemarmo, where they will be flown to Jakarta for further examination. The three dead terrorists were the result of a night long siege on a house in the village in which Densus 88 was in a gunfight with the suspected terrorists.
· 17-09-2009: Bomb found in terrorist hideout
· 17-09-2009: Three dead in Solo anti-terrorist raid
· 28-08-2009: Police: Mohamad Jibril seen as suspect of terrorism
· 28-08-2009: MP: \'Mohamad Dibril too small to pay for terrorism\'

25 August 2009 - That terrorists are strange people might be nothing new to you, but the hype of denial is reaching new hights every single day. Fortunately for PKS member of parliament Anugerah, he was forgotten instantly when it became clear that the child of a former member of the Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia is wanted because of his involvement to last months suicide bomb attacks in Jakarta.
· 24-08-2009: Former Mujahidin activist: \'My child is not a terrorist!\'
· 24-08-2009: Member of PKS doesn\'t know his brother is terrorist

22 August 2009 - Terrorists in Indonesia are said to have detailed plans to stage a terrorist attack on American president Barack Obama. The attack should be carried out by sharp shooters. This information was made public by a safety expert in Indonesia. Obama is expected to bring a visit to Indonesia in November this year.
· 22-08-2009: Terrorists to kill Obama in Indonesia?
· 21-08-2009: House of suspected terrorist burned down

20 August 2009 - Haryadi Soetanto, military commander of the Diponegoro division of the Indonesian army, has said that Indonesians should not be scared to report people that dress different than what is normal in the current Indonesian culture. \"If there are foreigners wearing a sorban (Islamic headscarf) or jubah (Islamic long robe) or even wear a beard, they should be reported to the local authorities. The people should be more direct in this kind of situations,\" he said.
· 20-08-2009: Military commander: \'Report people with sorban and jubah\'
· 13-08-2009: Explosives found at Bogor farm
· 13-08-2009: How does Noordin M. Top look today?

Aftermath of shootout in Temanggung
12 August 2009 - Police in Indonesia said that a DNA test on the body of a man killed in the anti-terrorism raid in Temanggung last Saturday showed that the body was not terrorist mastermind Noordin M. Top. The body was identified by police as being the body of Ibrohim, who worked as a florist in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Jakarta which was the scene of a twin attack on July 17, 2009.
· 12-08-2009: Residents: \'No terrorist in our graveyard!\'

10 August 2009 - Television station Aljazeera claims that it has received information from a source within the Indonesian national police force that the body of the person that was killed during the anti terrorism raid in Temanggung, Central Java, last Saturday is not that of terrorist Noordin M. Top. The police however suspects that the person killed is Noordin M. Top and DNA testing should soon conclude whether he was killed or not.
· 09-08-2009: Aljazeera: \'Killed terrorist not Noordin M. Top\'
· 09-08-2009: DNA test only way to proove Noordin M. Top was indeed killed
· 08-08-2009: President Yudhoyono target of foiled attack
· 08-08-2009: A simple terrorist hide-out in Bekasi

08 August 2009 10:30 WIB - Indonesian tv-station Metro TV states that the fugitive top-terrorist Noordin Mohammad Top has been killed by anti-terrorism forces while his hide-out in Beji village in the district of Temanggung was besieged. He is said to be shot in the chest.

08 August 2009 09:30 WIB - Dozens of members of the anti-terrorism unit Densus 88 have moved towards the house where Noordin M. Top \'most likely\' is hiding out. An explosion caused by Densus 88 was followed by some troops moving towards the house. Five of them have entered the house while firing shots. The other members of Densus 88 are currently on standby on several locations nearby the house.
· 08-08-2009: Terrorist hide-out closed off with police line after shootout
· 08-08-2009: Anti-terrorism unit enters house Noordin M. Top

08 August 2009 - The Indonesian television has cleared out two stations of their normal programs which now broadcast live one of the biggest anti-terrorist actions in Indonesia ever. Hundreds of members of the national and regional police, anti-terrorism unit Densus 88 and the mobile brigade have gathered around a house in the village of Beji in the district of Temanggung.
· 08-08-2009: Live on TV: shootout with terrorists in Temanggung

08 August 2009 - Last night and early this morning, the police tried to raid the house of terrorist Mohzahri in the village of Dusun Beji, Temanggung, Central Java province. They did not get in the house because a heavy firefight broke out when people from inside the house started to shoot at the police.
· 08-08-2009: Hundreds of kilograms of explosives in Bekasi house
· 08-08-2009: Heavy gunfights with terrorists in Temanggung
· 08-08-2009: Two terrorists shot dead in Bekasi

The hunt foor Noordin M. Top is on
22 July 2009 - Indonesian police is stepping up the hunt for wanted terrorist Noordin Mohammad Top after the bombings of the J.W. Marriot and Ritz Carlon hotels in Jakarta last Friday. Recent information shows that Noordin is most likely involved in the bombings of the hotels via the terrorist network of Jemaah Islamiyah. JI is known to have ties with the terror network Al-Qaeda.
· 30-07-2009: blog Have you seen this terrorist?
· 22-07-2009: 15.000 sheets of paper to catch Noordin Mohammad Top
· 22-07-2009: The hunt for Noordin Mohammad Top
· 20-07-2009: Leaders of islamic groups condemn terrorist attacks

20 July 2009 - As is made public now, two Dutchmen might have been killed in the terrorist attack in Jakarta last Friday. Two Dutchmen are missing according to a spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Dutch police is also involved in the investigation to the victims of the attacks, according to a spokesperson for the nationwide police service KLPD.
· 20-07-2009: Possibly two Dutchmen killed in Jakarta bombing
· 19-07-2009: Life in Jakarta back to normal after bombings

18 July 2009 - International suspicion focused Friday on a Malaysian accountant-turned-bombmaker as the instigator of a pair of blasts at Western hotels in Jakarta that may have signaled the re-emergence of deadly attacks by Southeast Asian groups affiliated with Al Qaeda, according to counterterrorism officials and analysts.
· 17-07-2009: Malaysian eyed as possible suspect in twin bombings

Terrorist attack on J.W. Marriot Hotel and Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Jakarta
17 July 2009 - At least eight people were killed in two powerful explosions at the JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton hotels Friday morning in the Indonesian capital, media reports said. Jakarta police officers said four foreigners died in the apparent attack, but media reports put the death toll at eight. A number of people were injured in the blasts.
· 17-07-2009: Bomber caught on CCTV camera in Ritz Carlton
· 17-07-2009: At least eight killed in Jakarta hotel bombings
· 17-07-2009: Six dead as two bomb rock Mega Kuningan area in Jakarta

Execution of \'Bali Bombers\'
7 November 2008 - Three Bali bombers have been executed on an Indonesian island for their lead roles in the 2002 nightclub bombings that killed 202 people. The family of Mukhlas and his younger brother Amrozi said the bombers had been executed along with Imam Samudra just after midnight local time on Nusakambangan Island, in Central Java, where they had been jailed.
· 09-11-2008: Indonesia confirms Bali bomber executions

8 November 2008 - Three key Islamic militants on death row over the 2002 Bali bombings could be executed as early as next week. The Indonesian Government today took the unusual step of announcing that an announcement about the executions will be made on Friday, October 24. Indonesia typically announces executions after they have been carried out.
· 08-11-2008: Indonesia tells bombers\' families to \'get ready\'

14 October 2008 - Three key Islamic militants on death row over the 2002 Bali bombings could be executed as early as next week. The Indonesian Government today took the unusual step of announcing that an announcement about the executions will be made on Friday, October 24. Indonesia typically announces executions after they have been carried out.
· 23-10-2008: Indonesia to execute Bali bombers next month
· 21-10-2008: Indonesia court rejects Bali bombers\' appeal

14 October 2008 - Three key Islamic militants on death row over the 2002 Bali bombings could be executed as early as next week. The Indonesian Government today took the unusual step of announcing that an announcement about the executions will be made on Friday, October 24. Indonesia typically announces executions after they have been carried out.
· 14-10-2008: Bombers \'could be executed next week\'
· 01-10-2008: Bali bombers defiant as they await execution

21 July 2008 - The Attorney General will order the execution of the people convicted for the Bali Bomb attacks in October 2002 before the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. This decision is made based on sociological factors of the people. \"If the execution is performed during the holy month of fasting, it will disturb the fasting of many. Outside that, it will also interfere with the psychological mind of the people,\" said Attorney General Hendarman Supandhi.
· 22-07-2008: Paperwork for execution Amrozi and friends being prepared
· 21-07-2008: Attorney General: \'Amrozi and friends won\'t make it until Lebaran\'

17 July 2008 - A court official with the Bali court has said that the final appeal by the three Islamic militants that are convicted over the 2002 Bali bombings has been rejected, bringing them closer to being executed. The head of the court, Nyoman Gede Wirya, said that the men now formally had to ask the president for clemency if they want to avoid the death penalty.
· 17-07-2008: Indonesia rejects Bali bombers final appeal

9 May 2008 - Indonesian prosecutors said on Friday that Central Java has been selected for the venue to execute three convicted militants in death row for their key roles in the 2002 Bali bombings. \"We are now asking approval from the Ministry of Justice,\" deputy attorney general Abdul Halim Ritonga was quoted by leading news website Detikcom as saying.
· 19-05-2008: Top terrorist Noordin Top may have fled Indonesia
· 09-05-2008: Prosecutors choose Central Java to execute Bali bombers

22 April 2008 - A court in Indonesia has sentenced two leaders of the Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist network to 15 years in prison. The network is blamed for the 2002 Bali bombings. The self-proclaimed leaders, Abu Dujana and Zarkasih, were centenced in the district court of South Jakarta.Both were arrested in separate police raids in June 2007. They were finally found guilty of helping terrorists and possessing, storing and moving weapons.
· 22-04-2008: Indonesia jails leaders of terrorist Jemaah Islamiyah

26 March 2008 - The Indonesian Attorney Generals Office (AGO) said Tuesday the execution of three convicted Bali bombers must wait their decision whether or not they ask a presidential pardon. \"They have said earlier they will never ask for a presidential pardon. But if they will, then we must wait,\" AGO spokesman Bonaventura Nainggolan told reporters here.
· 25-03-2008: Bali bombers execution not in near future

9 November 2007 - President Yudhoyono said that the death sentence for three Islamic militants, which are currently on death row for their part in the 2002 Bali bombings, must be carried out. With this he clearly indicates that there is no way of granting them clemency. Imam Samudra, Amrozi and Ali Gufron face execution by a firing squad after the Supreme Court rejected their final appeal.
· 09-11-2007: Yudhoyono: \'Bali bombers must be executed\'

10 October 2007 - The three Bali bombers on death row in Bali are likely to be executed even if a court revokes the law permitting executions, a human rights campaigner says. Islamic militants Imam Samudra, Ali Ghufron and the so-called smiling terrorist Amrozi, are on death row in Indonesia for their parts in the October 2002 nightclub bombings.
· 10-10-2007: Three Bali bombers \'likely to die\'

Members from Jemaah Islamiyah arrested
13 June 2007 - The Indonesian police confirmed Wednesday that Abu Dujana, suspected of being military leader of the Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist group, had been arrested and was in custody in Banyumas, Central Java.
· 16-06-2007: Indonesia arrests Jemaah Islamiyah chief
· 13-06-2007: Top terrorist Dujana arrested in Indonesia
· 10-06-2007: Police arrest terrorist Yusron, close aide to Dujana

Yogyakarta terror cell
4 April 2007 - Police in Yogyakarta say they have found maps and charts mapping the structure of Jemaah Islamiyah, the Southeast-Asian extremist branch of Al-Qaeda, responsible for terror attacks including those on Bali in 2002. A board governed the group, according to the photocopied charts, which contain handwritings of suspected group leader Abu Dujana.
· 04-04-2007: Police finds more material related to Jemaah Islamiyah
· 02-04-2007: Al-Qaeda-linked troup trained on Mount Sumbing
· 31-03-2007: Police say explosives found bigger than Bali bomb
· 23-03-2007: Huge stash of weapons found in Yogyakarta
· 21-03-2007: Terror suspect killed by police in Yogyakarta

Other related news
29 January 2007 - Renewed trouble in Indonesia\'s central Sulawesi island, long the site of deadly Christian-Muslim rivalry, underscores how communal tensions may help reinvigorate the country\'s militant Islamic movement
· 20-02-2007: Central Sulawesi situation may be exploding soon
· 19-02-2007: Preachers and revenge push terror in Indonesia
· 04-02-2007: Indonesia to be allowed access to militant Hambali
· 02-02-2007: Police arrest two wanted Muslim militants
· 29-01-2007: Poso violence could help Indonesia militants regroup

7 December 2006 - Three men sentenced to death for the 2002 Bali nightclub bombings have until the end of this month to file appeals with the Supreme Court before they are executed, the attorney-general said on Wednesday. \"It is proper enough for the attorney-general\'s office to wait until the end of this month on whether they would file for a judicial review. If they don\'t file, the process will go forward,\" Attorney General Abdul Rahman Saleh said.
· 08-12-2006: Bali bombers file new appeal to Indonesia court
· 07-12-2006: Indonesia gives Bali bombers last chance for appeal
· 27-11-2006: The Philippines deports terrorist\'s wife to Indonesia
· 23-11-2006: Militant sentenced for harboring top terrorist leader
· 20-11-2006: Indonesia issues terror warning ahead of Bush visit

18 November 2006 - Melbourne cleric Mohammed Omran held talks with Jemaah Islamiah spiritual leader Abu Bakar Bashir in Indonesia as part of a longstanding alliance between groups headed by the two men. The meeting, which followed earlier talks between the pair in Melbourne, was revealed to the Australian Federal Police in a written account provided by one of Sheik Omran\'s followers, who was later arrested on terrorism charges.
· 18-11-2006: Omran held talks with JI leader Bashir in Indonesia

9 November 2006 -Attorney General\'s Office is giving the lawyers of the three 2002 Bali bombing convicts until the end of the month to file for a Supreme Court review of their cases or it will set an execution date in the near future. \"The date will be set if there is no further legal intervention from their lawyers along the way,\" said attorney general Abdul Rahman.
· 09-11-2006: Bombers warned to file appeal within a month or face firing squad (forum)
· 24-09-2006: 2 militants in 2002 Bali bombing freed
· 14-09-2006: Bali bomb recruiter shot dead
· 12-09-2006: Terror guide spread in Indonesia
· 08-09-2006: RI demands access to Hambali, official says

6 September 2006 - An Indonesian court on Tuesday handed down the first sentence in connection to the 2005 Bali bombings of three restaurants, which killed two dozen people and injured 200 others. Abdul Aziz, convicted of harboring Noordin Mohammed Top, a suspected terrorist linked to other bombings, was sentenced to eight years in prison.
· 06-09-2006: Militant sentenced to 8 years for 2005 Bali bombings

21 August 2006 - Indonesia has delayed the scheduled executions of three Muslim militants convicted of carrying out the 2002 Bali bombings, which killed more than 200 people, after their defence attorneys announced they would file a final appeal, a government spokesman said Monday.
· 21-08-2006: Indonesia delays planned execution of Bali bombers

12 July 2006 - Indonesia is preparing to execute three men convicted in the 2002 Bali bombings that killed 202 people, as their lawyers plan to lodge appeals next month. Imam Samudra, Amrozi and Ali Gufron have been on death row for more than two years since being convicted of playing key roles in Indonesia\'s worst terrorist attack.
· 12-07-2006: RI prepares to execute three convicted in Bali bombings

7 May 2006 - Four suspected Islamic militants went on trial today for their alleged roles in last year’s suicide bombings on the Indonesian resort island of Bali, attacks a prosecutor said were aimed at avenging Muslims’ deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. If found guilty, they could face the death penalty under anti-terror laws. Security was tight at the Denpasar trials, the first to be held over the triple bombings that killed 20 people and were blamed on Jemaah Islamiyah.
· 09-05-2006: Prosecutor: Bali bombings were to avenge Muslim deaths

7 May 2006 - Indonesian police arrested five people, accused of being aides of Noordin M. Top, who was claimed as the Southeast Asian No. 1 terrorist leader, in Central Sulawesi provincial capital of Palu, a report says on Sunday. The five people, who were arrested on Saturday evening, are identified as Aprianto alias Irwan, Arman alias Haris, Nano, AbdulMuis, and Asrudin, according to report of Antara news agency.
· 07-05-2006: Noordin\'s five aides reportedly arrested in Palu
· 01-05-2006: Police discover explosive like those used in Bali bombings
· 29-04-2006: Two shot in raid, Noordin Top gets away
· 28-04-2006: Indonesia court sentences Islamic militant to 7 years in jail
· 01-04-2006: US embassy issues warning of weekend attacks
· 31-03-2006: Australia warns of possible attack in Indonesia

13 February 2006 - A court sentenced a man to death on Monday for killing eight people in attacks in the Moluccas islands that sparked fears of sectarian bloodshed in the region, local media reported. The court in the islands\' main city of Ambon said that Assep Djaja and his accomplices had carried out what it said were terrorist attacks in two villages in the islands last year and in 2004
· 13-02-2006: Indonesia court gives death to terrorism suspect

20 January 2006 - In less than 24 hours, Indonesian anti-terrorism police detained two terrorist suspects and close aides to the country\'s most-wanted militant, Malaysian Noordin Mohammad Top, local media reports said Thursday. After detaining an Indonesian militant on Wednesday afternoon, the anti-terrorist squad on Thursday morning arrested another Muslim radical in Central Java province.
· 11-02-2006: Militant linked to southeast Asia terror held
· 06-02-2006: Singapore holds terror suspect caught in Indonesia
· 04-02-2006: Police: \'Militant mastermind hiding in Indonesia\'
· 20-01-2006: Indonesia detains more terrorist suspects
· 19-01-2006: Police arrest \'henchman\' of alleged Malaysian terror chief
· 15-01-2006: Police: \'Malaysian bombmaker\'s accomplices detained\'

Shootout in resort town of Batu
9 November 2005 - Indonesian police have confirmed that the Jemaah Islamiyah bomb-making Azahari bin Husin killed himself during a fierce gunbattle yesterday with security forces in Batu, East Java. Azahari, a Malaysian, was the head of JI operations, and the mastermind of both Bali bombings and other suicide attacks in Indonesia.

Bali tourist areas hit by bombs
1 October 2005 - Indonesian police are continuing to question three men arrested in connection with last month\'s Bali bombings. The three were taken into custody in central Java and flown to the Balinese capital Denpasar for interrogation. Police say they will face charges of assisting terrorists, which carries a jail sentence of between three and 15 years.

Australian embassy bombing
9 September 2004 - A powerful explosion outside Australia\'s embassy in central Jakarta left at three people dead and at least three badly injured Thursday and caused extensive damage to nearby buildings, officials and witnesses said.

Marriott Hotel bombing
5 Augustus 2003 - A powerful bomb exploded on Tuesday at about 12:30 p.m. just outside the JW Marriott Hotel on Jl. Dr Satrio in the Mega Kuningan business complex in Kuningan, South Jakarta.

Bali terrorist attack
12 Oktober 2002 - in the late evening, a terrorist attack struck the tourist island of Bali. At least two car bombs exploded near Sari Club and Padi Club in the heart of Kuta, along Jalan Legian. Sari club was completely demolished and over 180 people were killed, several hundred were injured. Below is the latest news about bali, as well as detailed information about the location of the club and an image I personally made in July 2002.

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