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Over 230,000 killed in tsunami after 9.0 magnitude quake

Boxing Day tsunami in Indonesia

spacer 16 October 2005 - Reconstruction in Aceh is moving too slowly nearly 10 months after a killer tsunami struck, and there is not enough coordination between aid groups, a top U.N. official said on Sunday. Jan Egeland, the U.N.'s chief emergency relief coordinator, said the province's remoteness on the tip of northern Sumatra island, a lack of roads as well as ports had made things difficult for the international community.

UN relief chief bemoans slow Aceh reconstruction

01 February 2005 - Soldiers searched for bodies in treetops, families wept over the dead laid on beaches and rescuers scoured coral isles for missing tourists as Asia counted the cost today of a tsunami that probably made more than 230,000 victims. The devastating waves were unleashed by the world's biggest earthquake in 40 years which struck off the Indonesian island of Sumatra early on Sunday, 26 december 2004.

Tsunami Photobook
Killer Tsunami
When a massive earthquake struck just offshore of the nothern tip of Sumatera, this triggered one of the biggest natural disasters of modern time. Tsunami's upto ten meters swept kilometers inland in North Sumatera as well as many other countries in Asia and Africa.

Story of a reporter
Reporting Aceh emotional for Najwa
Visions of battered Aceh and North Sumatra provinces struck television reporter Najwa Shihab last month with something she thought she had already knew: What journalism is all about. With her distinctive radiance Najwa may appear to be just like any other TV reporter-cum-anchor, with more unkind critics even suggesting that she is a bit overrated.

Background information
Baiturrahman Grand Mosque, Banda Aceh
A beautiful if not imposing building in central Banda Aceh, has come to symbolize Aceh's greatness, its people's strong devotion to Islam, and now, as the province recovers from the devastating earthquake and tsunamis last month, it has come to represent hope.

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Latest News
Indonesia raises tsunami death toll to 166,320
5,000 more added to death toll
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Death toll to 94,000, millions of survivors await aid
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