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Several people killed in car bombing

Australian embassy bombing

spacer 9 September 2004 - A powerful explosion outside Australia's embassy in central Jakarta left at three people dead and at least three badly injured Thursday and caused extensive damage to nearby buildings, officials and witnesses said.

Footage of the white van explodingRIGHT: These photographs are from the 29 seconds of footage obtained from two closed-circuit television cameras that filmed the Daihatsu Zebra light truck, which contained the explosives, as it drove past, and then returned to bomb, the Australian embassy. Another camera, across the road from the embassy, shows the truck veering suddenly left towards the embassy before disappearing out of the shot. Suddenly a huge cloud of dust and debris flies across the screen and a figure is seen running from behind the camera towards the blast. Police plan to enlarge the footage to see whether there were two or three people in the van and to find other details that might help identify the bombers.

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Location of the Australian embassy in JakartaLEFT: the location of the Australian embassy in downtown Jakarta. The embassy is located among many other foreign embassies to Indonesia. The area also houses plenty of office buildings, which all had blown out windows after the white van exploded in front of the embassy, killing nine Indonesians.

Photo report
Aussie embassy bombing

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