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Hundreds of dengue patients flood Tangerang hospital

Dengue fever in Indonesia

spacer 27 February 2008 - Dengue patients flood the general hospital in Tangerang. According to the latest information there are now some 400 patients being treated in the hospital since the start of this year. A number of rooms in the hospital is now completely filled with dengue patients. In general the patients are still treatable.

· 27-02-2008: Hundreds of dengue patients flood Tangerang hospital

28 February 2007 - The number of victims to the seasonal dengue fever outbreak since last January has reached 380 out of 27,000 infected people. This was announced by the Health Ministry on Tuesday. The head of the Sub Directorate of Arbovirosis, Rita Kriastuti, warned to be cautious for the aedes aegipti mosquito as it's favorable moment to infect people lasts until the end of the wet season.
· 28-02-2007: Almost 400 died of dengue this season so far
· 17-02-2007: Jakarta declares 88 areas 'dengue red zone'
· 14-02-2007: Dengue fever kills 307, sickens over 20,000 in Indonesia
· 10-02-2007: Dengue fever kills 252 in Indonesia

5 February 2007 - A seasonal dengue fever outbreak in 14 of Indonesia’s 33 provinces has killed at least 75 people and sickened more than 4,800 others since New Year’s Day, health officials and local media reports said yesterday. But this month’s figure was much less than the same period of last year when dengue fever infected more than 18,900 people in all 33 provinces and claimed the lives of 192 people.
· 05-02-2007: Dengue kills 75 in Indonesia in January

18 January 2006 - A total of 1,099 people died of dengue fever in Indonesia in 2005, a health ministry official said in Jakarta Tuesday. "The number is higher than last year's 957," said Rita Kusriastuti, head of the subdirectorate of arboviruses of the directorate general of disease control and environmental health.
· 18-01-2006: Over 1,000 people die of dengue fever in 2005

20 October 2005 - As the number of dengue fever patients increases, the city-owned Cibinong hospital in Bogor has prepared additional beds. The hospital treated 15 patients this month for dengue, eight of them children, hospital spokeswoman Wahyu Kurdijanti said on Wednesday. One of the children, seven-year-old Gunawan died last week.
· 16-11-2005: Dengue fever claims 80 lives in Semarang
· 20-10-2005: Bogor prepares for more dengue patients

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· 20-10-2005: Dengue fever claims 80 lives in Semarang

General information about dengue
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22 February 2004 - News reports of a large-scale outbreak of Dengue fever in several have sparked scares among locals and tourists. Since the the end of 2003, an amount of people double of that of last year in the same period as been killed by the mosquito-born decease.
· 22-02-2004: See related news from 2004 and early 2005

Battle against Dengue fever by spraying mosquito-rich areas.
Battle against Dengue fever by spraying mosquito-rich areas.

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