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New floods in North Sumatera

Floods in Sumatra

spacer 12 December 2003 - New floods kill several people again in Northern Sumatera. Once again, illegal deforestation is blamed instantly for the troubles.

3 November 2003 - When the heavy monsoon rains strike Sumatra, a flash flood was born and struck the tourist place of Langkat, near Bohorok, in the Leuser National Park. At least 92 people were found dead, and maybe several hundred are still missing.

Background information
Bukit Lawang - Orang Hutans and Wild Rivers

Bohorok is the administrative unit that contains Bukit Lawang. Indonesians normally say Bohorok when they refer to Bukit Lawang. The area of Bohorok has many plantations like cocoa, palm oil, natural rubber, or anges, etc. Bukit Lawang started as an orangutan rehabilitation center, but quickly developed into a major tourist destination of North Sumatra.

Sumatera Utara

Northern Sumatera, with it's colorfull and ethnically mixed population, is after Jawa, the most crowded province in Indonesia. Currently it has over 11 milion inhabitants and that overshoots Kalimantan or Nusa Tenggara. Dynamic Batak, Malay, Jawanese, Indians and Chinese created a big variety of modern and traditional Indonesian culture.

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Sumatra Flash Flood

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