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Volcanoes in Indonesia

The geography of Indonesia is dominated by volcanoes that are formed due to subduction zones between the Eurasian plate and the Indo-Australian plate. Some of the volcanoes are notable for their eruptions, for instance, Krakatau for its global effects in 1883, Lake Toba for its supervolcanic eruption estimated to have occurred 74,000 Before Present which was responsible for six years of volcanic winter, and Mount Tambora for the most violent eruption in recorded history in 1815.

Banda Sea
List of volcanoes in Indonesia

The Banda Sea in the south of the Molucca archipelago includes a small group of islands. Three major tectonic plates beneath the sea, Eurasian, Pacific and Indo-Australian plates, have been converging since the Mesozoic epoch. Volcanoes in the Banda Sea are mainly islands, but some are submarine volcanoes.

Name Shape Elevation Last eruption (VEI)
Emperor of China Submarine volcano -2,850 unknown
Nieuwerkerk Submarine volcano -3,142 unknown
Gunungapi Wetar Stratovolcano 282 1699 (3)
Wurlali Stratovolcano 868 3 June 1892 (2)
Teon Stratovolcano 655 3 June 1904 (2)
Nila Stratovolcano 781 7 May 1968 (1)
Serua Stratovolcano 641 18 September 1921 (2)
Manuk Stratovolcano 282 unknown
Banda Api Caldera 640 9 May 1988 (3)

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