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Hidden villages of Toraja

Trekking through Toraja is rewarded with remote views over Sulawesi's breathtaking mountains and gives hikers the opportunity to experience the hospitality of the Torajan villages.
Before you start a several-day adventure, it is recommended to first have a short trip of one day to estimate your possibilities. These trips can be done without guide. Basic knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia is recommended but not needed. For the longer trips - towards the west, Mamasa and north in the mountains with the weaving villages of the Toala - a guide is needed. When thinking about heavy trips, like the trop to Rongkong, only bring the most experienced guides. Be carefull, some guides will tell you they know the right route, but still get lost.

One-day trips

Nanggala to Buntao' (4/5 hr)
Take a bemo from Rantepao to Nanggala and climb to Pedamaran via the coffee plantation. Descend to Paniki and cross the mountain range towards Buntao'. From here, you can take a bemo back to Rantepao.

Deri to Tikala (7 hr)
Take a bemo from Rantepao to Deri. Watch for graves in rock, on the left side in the huills. A trip of half an hour will bring you to Lempo, where you will find a Catholic church and warung. 1,5 hour later you are in Batu Tumonga, where there are several simple homestays and restaurants.
From Batu Tumonga is a clear path to Lo'ko'mata. Just before this village is a huge piece of stone in which dozens of graves have been excavated. To go back to Rantepao you have to go back three kilometers and take a right turn to Pana, where you can also see graves. Via a path that goes uphill 300 meters before the school on the left, it's about half an hour to Tikala, from where you can take a bemo to Rantepao again.

Getengan to Sanggala (one day)
Take a bemo to Gentengan in Makale, and walk over a hill to Palipu via a clear path through the ricefields. Continue to Suaya, where there are several tau-tau and graves. A kilometer ahead if Tampangallo. There is a tree in which deceased babies used to be buried. Take a bemo to Makale from Sanggala.

Longer trips

Pali to Rembong (three days)
Take a bemo from Makale to Bittuang and then a jeep to Ponding. Get out at the turn to Pali. If you arrive early enough, you can make the trip through the forest to Sasak for a fresh dive in the river while lunch is prepared; afterwards it's about three hours to Bau. Spend the night in a tongkonan.
The next day you can go to Battayan and make the climb to Balepe. Spend the night in a house in Buginese style. Continue to Pasapa and then through the forest to Sanuk and To'lomba. From there to Tobone, Malimbong and Rembon, where a bemo will take you back to Makale.

Getengan to Buntao (three days)
Grab a bemo eight km south of Makale to Getengan, hike to Marinding and then to Dulang. Spend the night in a tongkonan. The next morning you hike to Malimongan and To'duri and then to Kembelangi. Leave your luggage in a tongkonan and walk to the hot source in Makula for a bath. There is a losmen here as well. The next day you can take a bemo back to Makale or you can go to Buntao and then take a bemo to Rantepao.

Pangala to Rongkong (about one week)
This is probably the most interesting, hardest and most unusual trip through the area: it's not often picked. Depart from Losmen Sando in Pangala and hike to Pulu Pulu via Barupu in two days. Then it's four days to Rongkong, one of the traditional Toale villages. From Rongkong you can easily reach the Trans Sulawesi Highway in Sabbang. There is public transport to Limbong which is connected to Sabbang via a good road.

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