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In a certain way Sumbawa is the most western island of eastern Indonesia. It is -travelling from west to east- the first island that isn't directly influenced by the hinduist cultures from Jawa and Bali. On this mainly islamic island, adat still is an important factor. Sumbawa consists of two different parts: Sumbawa Besar in the west and Bima in the east. In the western part most people spea (...)

In their hurry to arrive in Bima, most visitors skip the western part of Sumbawa. They do miss some very interesting, relatively untouched destinations. The area around Taliwang as well as the southern coast of West-Sumbawa are blessed by beautifull quiet beaches and fishery villages. The island of Moyo in the north has a game-reserve and several of the best reefs in the area. Tepal, in the h (...)

The 250 kilometer long road between the regional capitals Sumbawa Besar and Dima has recently been widened and improved. The distance can be passed in about five hours if you have a car with a driver without hitting loose chicken, dogs or goats. A lot has changed since the 1970's, when this was a trip of about 11 hours on an unpaved road full of dust. The regular bus services take about seven hour (...)

The city of Bima has a bad reputation with foreign travellers. It is said to be crowded with islamic fanatics which hate foreigners. As usual in eastern Indonesia, appearance is fake. Admitting that the local rules for what concerns privaty and politeness are somewhat different than those of the West. In the West it's nothing strange if a woman doesn't wear a bra; in Bima even a prostitute doesn't (...)

The eastern part of Sumbawa, the district Bima, is branded by beautiful coasts and fishery villages with pile dwellings. After a visit to Bima city you can visit the villages of the Dou Donggo across the bay, or chose one of the two trips through the area: a trip to the south, or a trip along the northern coast. It's not possible to make more of these trips on one day; even then the entire day is (...)

The paroxysmal eruption of Mt. Tambora on the island of Sumbawa in April 1815 despite having triggered a world wide historic event is astonishingly neglected in studies of volcanic activity. The world wide event referred to was the so-called "Year without a Summer" - the exceptionally cold months of 1816. In addition to this, Mt. Tambora's eruption far-eclipsed in violence and ejecta the more (...)

Running through the wet ricefields the buffalo's are heading for their targets: a brightly colored cloth at a poile. The visitors yell. Despite the efforts of the jockey, which balances on a fragile wooden sledge, one of the buffalo carts changes course 15 meters before the finish. The other couple of buffalo's slows down and nears, carefully guided by the jockey, the finish until a torturing (...)

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