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Solo (Surakarta)

Surakarta (colloquially Solo) is an Indonesian city of approximately 500,000 people located in Central Java. Surakarta is also known by the name Solo. Surakarta is used in formal and official contexts. The city has a similar name with the neighboring district of Kartasura, where the previous capital of Mataram was located.

Located just 60 kilometers east of Yogyakarta, noble Solo (also known as Surakarta) generally receives far less attention from foreign visitors than its distinguished neighbor. This is curious from the point of view of most Javanese, for whom Solo is the older and more refined royal center - the arbiter of cultivated speech and aristocratic elegance in traditional Java. This is partly b (...)

The kraton, or palace of Solo, was constructed between 1743 and 1746 on the banks of the mighty Bengawan Solo, Java's longest river. As within the Yogyakarta palace, Solo's kraton simultaneously defined the center of the town and the kingdom, as well asl, metaphysically, the hub of the cosmos. Indeed, the similarities between the two courts, built within 10 years of each oth (...)

The Gamelan Sekaten (or Sekati) is a ceremonial gamelan (musical ensemble) from Central Java, Indonesia. The word sekaten itself is derived from syahadatain or shahada, the first requirement for converting into Islamic faith. Traditionally it is played once per year, on the occasion of Mawlid, Muhammad's birthday, for the week from the 6-12 of the month of (...)

A typical large, double gamelan in contemporary Solo (Surakarta) will include, in the sléndro set, one saron panerus (or saron peking), two saron barung, one or two saron demung, one gendér panerus, one gender barung, one slenthem (or "gender panembung"), one bonang panerus and one bonang barung (each with twelve gongs), one gambang kayu, one siter or celempung, one rebab, one suling, one pair of (...)

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