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See South Kalimantan
Places of interest in South Kalimantan

On this page is a list of tourist attractions in the province of South Kalimantan.

Banjarmasin and its surroundings

Banjarmasin, the capital city, is the center of trade and tourism. It lies at the delta of the Barito river. The city is inter twined by numerous rivers of various sizes and lengths. The major rivers are Martapura and Nagara. The numerous rivers made the city get its nickname River City.

These rivers and waterways give a certain identity to river transportation have become common place. Local people build traditional floating houses along the rivers and these houses are called lanting. The houses facing the rivers and are made of wood or bamboo. Rivers have been very important for business and economic activities.

This is one of the reasons why there have been floating markets everywhere. Making trips along the, mighty Barito river and ' Martapura river by klotok boat or river bus, will give a unique satisfaction. For longer trips one can hire speedboat. The actual living of the people is along the rivers.

Banjarmasin the capital city has developed into business, industry and tourist city. Business centres selling and buying all sort of commodities. Supermarkets such as Mitra Plaza at Jalan Pangeran Antasari, Junjung Buih Plaza at Jalan Pangeran Samudra, Ujung Murung Central Market at Jalan Simpang Sudimampir and Pasar Baru Jalan Pangeran Samubra, also Pasar Antasari at Jalan Pane Antasari.

In Banjarmasin there are several hotels with stars, starting with on, and three stars and there are 20 lesser hotels. For entertain there are 21 movie theaters, karaoke centers, cultural the and restaurants serving local as well as international foods.

Floating Market

The floating market is about 20 minutes trip by public transport, the klotok taxi, or about 30 minutes by river transport known as Klotok taxi. The klotok start from the front of the governors office. The market is in Barito river. The buying and selling are made in the traditional local boat. Such market has started since 400 years ago while people coming from the hinterland took their local products to sell in the form of barter.

At present no more barter trading system; now money is used. The usual thing about the market that it takes place entirely in the river and it start as 05.00 in the morning and finishes at 09.00 in the morning. Seller and buyers come from different places crowding the market starting from midnight and finally end up at 09.00 the morning.

Flower Island

The island is in the Barito river, not far from the floating market. This island is a conservation forest of about 60 hectares, inhabited by tame monkeys of Kalimantan species only. One of the species is called "bekantan" (nasalis lavartus).

This island is mostly visited by Chinese Indonesians, as there is a small offering temple where they can feed the monkeys. It is believed that feeding the monkeys will bring good luck and fortune.

Kaget Island

Like Pulau Kembang, Kaget island is in the Barito river. From downtown it takes 1.5 hours by klotok boat or one hour by speedboat to get there. This island is another forest conservation and is also inhabited by the bekantan monkeys and the Lutung Iprebitis orisate), as well as many sorts of birds.

Diamond Digging at Cempaka & Martapura

Cempaka is a small village 10 kilometers from Banjarbaru, and 45 minutes from Banjarmasin. It is an old site of traditional diamond digging using very simple equipment. The digging is a collective work by a group, usually consisting of one family and its close relatives.

In 1985 a large raw diamond of 116.7 carats was found in a hole of 15 meters deep. Martapura is the center of diamond and precious stones polishing; it is also the center of diamond marketing. The town is 40 kilometers from Banjarmasin.

The polishing work uses traditional as well as modern equipment. Martapura Plaza is the center of diamond and jewelry marketing. Stonecraft of various origins and forms are easily found in the market of Martapura.

Tasikung beach

About 10 kilometers West of Pleihari is Tasikung beach. Folk entertainment is available. There is a hotel and a play ground for children. During the east monsoon that is between enjoy swimming.

Hulu Sungai Tourist Resort

Hulu Sungai is an vast region in the northern part of South Kalimantan. Most areas here are swamps, but the eastern part is mountainous.


Loksado is at the South Hulu Sungai district whose capital is Kandangan. The town is about three hours by car from Banjarmasin. The road is good. However, from Kandangan to Loksado, the road goes as far as Halunuk, a small village. Then the trip continues by motor cycle which takes a single passenger over a narrow foot-path.

The natural surroundings of the hilly region provides attractive sights for those who en joy hiking and mountaineering. On the way, meet the local people with their original ways and cross the river over a suspended bridge.

Adventure River Rafting

The Amandit River which originates at Meratus runs through Loksado and meets the mighty Barito river further down. Visitors usually use the river to get back after visiting Loksado. Those who enjoy raining may venture the trip through numerous rocky rapids by traditional rains made of bamboo or by rubber boats. The river trip starts at Loksado, 45 kilometers from Kandangan. When a motorcycle trip is preferred, it takes about four hours. Those who en joy trekking through the forests of the hill, the trip takes 8 to 10 hours.

When a river trip is taken, start from Loksado to Batu Laki which is 56 kilometers away. The trip can be made in two stretches. The first is from Loksado to Muara Hatip. The second is from Muara Hatip to Batu Laki. The first stretch is not very challenging because the rapids are not very strong and ranks as grade 1 to 2.5. In the second one, the level of difficulty increases, while the rapids are higher and stronger at grade three, such as Hawangan and Kandihin at the mouth of the river Muara Haring. The panorama along the river is fascinating.

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