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See Lampung
Places of interest in Lampung

Bandar Lampung

The capital of Lampung has several interesting places such as the Museum and the Monument of the Krakatau Eruption. Worth while seeing or doing is the weaving process of Tapis textile, art and dance performances or just sunbathing on the beach.

Museum of Lampung

Located at Teuku Umar Street, it can be reached within 15 minutes from the center of Bandar Lampung. It contains ethnographic and archaeological collections, Chinese ceramics, traditional music instruments, ancient Tapis cloth and ornaments.

Way Kambas Reserve and Way Wako River

Way Kambas is 2 hours drive from Bandar Lampung. 130,000 hectares of area on Lampung's East coast Way Kambas is the best place to watch wild Sumatran elephants, tigers and many species of birds. Motorboats can be hired at Way Kanan for cruising around and up the river.

Way Kanan River

Here we can sail along Way Kanan and Way Kambas by canoe or boat to watch the surrounding flora and fauna while in the mouth of Way Kambas, we can do fishing and swimming. In the morning, we can safari for 2 hours through the prepared track and listening wild animals roaring and birds singing.

Elephant Training Centre

Way Kambas Elephant Training is an international project which is partly funded by the World Wildlife Fund. The aim of training them is to make the captured elephant be useful to mankind. Most visitors come to Way Kambas to see the training center and to have an opportunity to ride on an elephant.

Simple tourist facilities are available at Way Kanan such as lodges, wooden houses on poles, river boats and an observation center. Way Kambas is accessible by car from Bandar Lampung. The activities and special interests are bird watching, jungle tracking, seasons of elephants safari, and river cruises.


An uninhabited island Krakatau is located on the southern part of the Bay of Lampung. Krakatau is reachable in three hours by boat from Canti, a fishing village near Kalianda, South Lampung. This group of islands consists of four islands, one of them is called Anak Krakatau ('Child of Krakatau') which has grown higher every year. Anak Krakatau has emerged from the bottom of the sea between three other islands by early 1928 or 45 years after its 1883 formidable eruption.

Pugung Archaeological Site

Located in Pugung Raharjo village, 40 kilometers northeast of Bandar Lampung is a site of megalith and prehistoric relics as well as of the classical Hindu Buddhist period. There are primitive trenched fortresses which almost surround its site. Stone inscription, ancient Chinese porcelains, Polynerian statue and the statue of Bodhisatwa are at the museum, a house on poles located on the way to Pugung Raharjo.

Merak Belantung Beach

Located 40 kilometers south of Bandar Lampung on the way to the seaport of Bakauheni. The beach is ideal for swimming and wine surfing. Cottages and equipment for wind surfing are available

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