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See Bengkulu
Places of interest in Bengkulu

Bung Karno residence memorial

Bung Karno, a popular term for the first President of Indonesia, was isolated in Bengkulu for some time. He was then located in Anggut Atas. Some of his propery, such as a bicycle, some book and a uniform are on display in the building that is now a museum-like memorial site.

Parr and Hamilton Monument

A monument located on the egde of a protocol road in Bengkulu city. The monument was established as for the remembrance of the death of two British Residents in Bengkulu namely Parr and Hamilton.

Panjang and Nala Beach

The beaches of Panjang and Nala are beaches with pure white sand, which are quite hard to find in Indonesia. You can go here for some sunbathing or to enjoy marine attractions. The beach also has an on-shore swimming pool, tennis facility, a guard house, some restaurants and hotels. The beaches are just a few kilometers from the city of Bengkulu.

Pasir Putih Beach

The beach of Pasir Putih is located near the ocean harbor Pulau Baai about 19 kilometers from Bengkulu city. It can be easily reached by the main road that leads fo the harbor. The beach is clean enough and has white sand. There are trees on the coast line. The beach is good for family recreation.

Enggano Island

The island covers an area of 40,260 hectares which is dominated by dense rain forest with its wild buffaloes. There are some cultural attractions and traditional villages here. You should see the traditional dance from the island. The island can be reached by a small boat from Pulau Baai or by a chartered boat at the Bintuhan seaport.

Fort Marlborough

Fort Marlborough is located along the main street in the city of Bengkulu and is now seen as British colonial heritage. It was constructed by the East India Company between 1713 and 1719 when Joseph Callet was governor-general. It is the second largest fortress built by the English, only after Fort George in Madras, India.

Bukit Kaba, a volcanic crater

A beautiful and natural panorama can be observed at a volcanic crater at just some 100 kilometers from the city of Bengkulu, or 19 kilometers from Curup, the capital of the Rejang Lebing district. It is located at 1,937 meters above sea level and boasts a mild climate. However the place is only visited by a handful of people it has two big calderas with sulfuric sources. In total there are twelve active craters in the area. The area in total covers some 13,490 hectares.

Sentot Alibasyah Cemetery

Sentot Alibasyah is one of the Indonesian heroes. He was a military leader for Prince Diponegoro, another national hero, during his struggle against Dutch colonials. A hard battle was fought before he was captured and isolated. He eventually died in Bengkulu and was buried there.

Tikus Island

Tikus island is a group of small islands being surrounded by rock compositions with its various colorful fish. There is some marine tourism on the islands, like snorkeling or diving. There is a lighthouse on the main island. You can reach the main island from the city of Bengkulu by speedboat.

Suban Hot Springs

At some 90 kilometers from the city of Bengkulu are the Suban hot springs. Suban is good for bathing of the source of natural hot water. Nearby the place, there are waterfalls on top and bottom of the small river's current.

Last revised on September 12, 2009
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