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Relations with China

If there is anything we can say about the Sino-Indonesian relationship, it is probably the fact that politics have always come second to sociocultural and economic ties. Indeed, from an anthropological point of view, Indonesians could well trace their ancestral origins to the people who once populated the southern part of China, and - like the Japanese and Koreans - have strong influences of Chinese culture that for centuries has been the region's de-facto hegemon.

Chinese merchants, meanwhile, had also been arriving in the archipelago as early as the fourth century, trading ceramics, cloth and wood with locals. These merchants - along with workers from China - eventually became the next wave of Chinese settlers here, and literally a part of Indonesia, as their descendants were born and raised here, but with many maintaining close ties with their country of (...)

Putting all political differences aside, Taiwan - like China - is one of Indonesia's important economic partners. According to data from the Taiwan Economic and Trade Office (TETO) in Jakarta, two-way trade between Indonesia and Taiwan performed impressively last year, amounting to nearly US$6 billion in value, representing strong growth of almost 35 percent from 2003. More good news for Indonesia (...)

Mandarin language courses are mushrooming across Greater Jakarta as Indonesian businesspeople, impressed by China's rapid economic growth, rush to establish contacts with Chinese businesses. The Wen Hua Mandarin Institute and the Han Lin Mandarin Course told The Jakarta Post that many of their students were studying the language in order to establish ties with Chinese businesspeople in China and a (...)

Two Sinologists here said more people should study China for academic reasons, rather than just for business. Ignatius Wibowo and Abdullah Dahana, both of whom hold doctorates in Chinese studies, told The Jakarta Post the small number of Indonesians with expertise in the field should be increased by motivating young scholars to study China for academic reasons. "People who want to study (...)

Chinese culture is historically rich and varied, colored with a variety of elements that make it among the richest cultures in the world. One of the most well known symbols of Chinese culture is the dragon, which is without a doubt among the most common of Chinese cultural symbols. It is not historically clear from where or how the use of the dragon originated. The dragon looks like a (...)

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