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Provinces of Indonesia

The province (provinsi or propinsi) is the highest tier of local government subnational entity in Indonesia. Each province has its own local government (Pemerintah Daerah Provinsi), headed by the governor (gubernur); and has its own legislative body (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah). The Governor and member of representatives are elected by popular vote for 5 years term.

Provinces of Indonesia
Indonesia's diversity in 33 provinces

Currently, Indonesia consists of 33 provinces, seven of which have been created since 2000 and five provinces received special status: Aceh; for the use of the Sharia Law as the regional law of the province, Yogyakarta Special Region; for being governed in an ancient monarchy system, Papua; for implementation of continuous development, West Papua; for granting implementation of continuous development and Jakarta Special Capital Region. Provinces are further divided into regencies ('kabupaten') and cities.

Provinces of Indonesia
 Seal Province Capital Geographical unit Population Area 
  Aceh Banda Aceh Sumatra 3,930,000 57,366 
  Bali Denpasar Lesser Sunda Islands 3,150,000 5,633 
  Bangka-Belitung Pangkal Pinang Sumatra 1,300,000 18,725 
  Banten Serang Java 9,083,114 9,161 
  Bengkulu Bengkulu Sumatra 1,564,000 21,168 
  Central Java Semarang Java 31,820,000 32,548 
  Central Kalimantan Palangkaraya Kalimantan 1,912,747 153,564 
  Central Sulawesi Palu Sulawesi 1,820,000 68,089 
  East Java Surabaya Java 34,766,000 47,922 
  East Kalimantan Samarinda Kalimantan 2,750,369 245,238 
  East Nusa Tenggara Kupang Nusa Tenggara 4,260,294 47,876 
  Gorontalo Gorontalo Sulawesi 830,200 12,215 
  Jakarta Jakarta Java 8,389,443 750 
  Jambi Jambi Sumatra 2,742,196 53,436 
  Lampung Bandar Lampung Sumatra 6,731,000 35,376 
  Maluku Ambon Maluku Islands 1,266,000 46,975 
  North Maluku Ternate Maluku Islands 890,000 30,895 
  North Sulawesi Manado Sulawesi 2,154,234 15,364 
  North Sumatra Medan Sumatra 11,642,000 71,680 
  Papua Jayapura Western New Guinea 1,994,531 421,981 
  Riau Pekanbaru Sumatra 4,948,000 82,232 
  Riau Islands Tanjung Pinang Sumatra 1,198,526 21,992 
  South East Sulawesi Kendari Sulawesi 1,771,951 38,140 
  South Kalimantan Banjarmasin Kalimantan 3,054,129 36,985 
  South Sulawesi Makassar Sulawesi 7,497,701 72,781 
  South Sumatra Palembang Sumatra 6,900,000 53,436 
  West Java Bandung Java 35,724,000 34,817 
  West Kalimantan Pontianak Kalimantan 4,073,304 146,807 
  West Nusa Tenggara Mataram Nusa Tenggara 4,015,102 19,709 
  West Papua Manokwari Western New Guinea 800,000 115,364 
  West Sulawesi Mamuju Sulawesi 938,254 16,796 
  West Sumatra Padang Sumatra 4,241,000 42,297 
  Yogyakarta Yogyakarta Java 3,121,000 3,186 

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