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Prambanan is the ninth century Hindu temple compound in Central Java, Indonesia, dedicated to Trimurti, the highest three gods in Hinduism. The temple compound located approximately 18 km east of Yogyakarta city. The temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, currently is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia, and is one of the largest Hindu temples in south-east Asia.

The Prambanan Temple is a group of Hindu temples and was also known as Lorojonggrang Temple. The word Prambanan refers to the name of a District, Prambanan District, whereas Lorojonggrang refers to its actual name. The temple complex has three concentric squares: · Outer square (222 x 390 meters) surrounded by a 1 meter boundary wall · Midd (...)

The discovery of Lorojonggrang Temple was reported by C.A. Lons in 1733. The temple was in ruined condition, abandoned among grass and tree vegetation. First effort to reveal the presence of a temple was done in 1885 by cleaning the site from grasses and shrubs followed by grouping the stones. This project was supervised by Yzerman, Groneman and van Erp. The work was continued in (...)

The form and size of Brahma Temples is much similar is much similar to Wisnu Temple. The size of Brahma Temple is 20 x20 meters-square and 23 meters high. Similar to Wisnu Temple, Brahma Temple has one room with one stairway to enter from the east. Inside the room there is four-headed Brahma Statue. At the foot of the temple were found a figure of a priest accompanied by other figures in a positio (...)

The temple complex could be divided in another dimension. Vertically, the complex of temples consists of three groups of temples, the foot temples, the body temples and the top temples. This grouping is as a symbol of relationship between the heavenly Devine, the earth and mankind. The foot temples expresses the lower world (the commoners), the body temples shows the middle world (the souls) and t (...)

This temple faced to the west, with a dimension of 15 x15 meters and 25 meters high. This temple has also a single room with the statue of Nandi. Besides the statue of Nandi were found the statue of the God of the Sun and Chandra behind the statue of Nandi. Both Gods drove carriage each dragged by 7 horses (God of the Sun) and 10 horses (Chandra). The ornaments were similar to those found in other (...)

Sudut Temple (sudut means corner) is located at each corner of the open veranda of the main temple with the dimension of 1.55 x 1.55 square meters and 4.10 meter high. The four Sudut Temple have no entrance stairway. (...)

The overall structure of Wisnu Temple could be considered similar to Ciwa Temple but smaller in size 20 x 20 meters square and 23 meters high. This temple has only one stairway to the center of the temple, which is a room with Wisnu statue inside. The base of the temple is surrounded by an open space with balustrade around it. The inner side of the balustrade was in scripted a story in (...)

Two Apit temples (flanking temple; apit means to flank) stood near the entrance gate, flanking two rows of temples, the West and East row. Apit Temples had dimension of six times six square meters and sixteen meters high. Each temple had one entrance facing to the North and to the South. The shape and structure of these temples were similar to other temples at Lorojonggrang c (...)

27 May 2006 - Some 660,000 people have turned into homeless in Yogyakarta province after their houses were flattened by a powerful earthquake, killing more than 5,800 people, an official said on Wednesday. Saturday's magnitude-6.3 quake pounded more than 135,000 houses into piles of bricks, tiles and wood in less than a minute. Below are a s (...)

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