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Pulau Savu
Pulau Savu

On this island, off the south coast of Timor, the great explorer Captain Cook rested longer than intended, since he was greeted with smiles and refreshing drinks of fermented lontar juice. This isolated island supports a population of (30,000). Thanks to the tree of life, the lontar palm. From the lontar blossom, a sweet liquid, tuak is tapped. The highly nutritious tuak can be drunk in its raw form, fermented into an alcoholic beverage or made into sugar, either way it serves as a food supplement, as rice is saved for feasts and special occasion. The lontar trunk provides wood for boats and traditional houses. Its fan-like leaves are used as roofing on the traditional house. The house, divided into male and female, parts, a one family dwelling and forms part of a single clan village protected by a stone wall. Even the dead are wrapped in the lontar leaves. These leaves are also plaited into baskets, in which offering to the ancestors are placed at ceremonies. And thought of as gifts received to the descendant of the Sun to ensure a prosperous harvest. Whether you want to experience Savu's rich culture sip the refreshing lontar juice, wim in the clear water, surf the waves or just enjoy the hospitality of the Suvenese, it's only a short trip from Kupang by plane or boat.

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