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Pulau Roti
Pulau Roti

Rote Island is a part of Kupang Regency and is the southernmost island of Indonesia. It is located in the west coast of Kupang.
This exotic island can be reached only in four hours. From Kupang by inter-island ferry to dive and tour this untouched beautifully rugged land. The hills, valleys, and escarpments are mirrored underwater by spectacular walls and caverns. The marine life is so varied and profuse that is is hard to believe from Fire-fish to Mantas. The architecture of Rote is unique, as is their exquisite ikat weaving. See the people is their traditional lifestyle which has remained unchanged for centuries. Rote has many historical relies including fine antique Chinese porcelains, as well as ancient arts and traditions. Many prominent Indonesia nationalist leaders were born here.
A popular music instrument is the Sasando, which is made of palm leaves. According to legend, this island got it's name accidentally when a lost Portuguese sailors arrived and asked a farmer where he was. The surprised farmer, not speaking Portuguese introduced himself, "Rote". Rote just off the southern tip of Timor island, consists of rolling hills, terraced plantations, palm of acacia, savanna and some forests.
The rotinese depend, like the Savunese, on the lontar palm for basic survival, but also supplement their income with fishing and jewelry making. Before Indonesia's Independence, Rote, boasted the highest density of kingdom in the East Indies. Even today the island, the Rotenese and their kingdoms are divided, following ancient tradition, into two domains. One known as Sunrise and one as Sunset. The domain is ruled by a "male" Lord a "female" Lord and several advisers, representing the clans within that domain. Each clan that possesses ceremonial rights performs it's own rituals during the annual HUS celebration, a traditional New Year festival. At the HUS, Rotenese men wearing their unique hats make offerings to the clan ancestors and the women dance accompanied by sasando, The Rotenese guitar.

Nemberala Beach

The most beautiful and tidy beach that offers natural panorama and fascinating sunset Nemberala Beach is one of the very few heaches ideal for surfing. Surfers from all over the world as Hawaii, Australia, South and North America come here and try to tame the rough surf from June to October. It is located at the southwest part of Rote Island and said to be world class surfing spot.

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