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Export and tourism
Two main players on the island

Measured to yield, good pumice is the main export product of the island. Since 1985 the demand for pumice from Hong Kong raised, because they used it to make stone-washed jeans with it, but also cosmetics several other products.

Lombok has several pearl farms, organized in cooperation with Japanese. They discovered how to grow pearls inside oysters; the concept is kept secret. The yearly yield from the pearls is several million dollars.

A new crop is seaweed, which is made into carragene and agar-agar. Carragene makes food and cosmetics more soft, agar-agar is used in cosmetics as well, but also in food and many other products. Branches of the seaweed eucheuma are put in the seabed, or in a floating frame in the calm offshore waters just off the beach.

Most fishermen of Lombok supply to the local market, but the harvest of schrimp-farms are exported, and the breedings of the bandan-fish is caught to be put in sawah (rice fields) on Java. Dried tripang (seacucumber), collected from reefs, are exported to Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Agriculture and fishery are important to the local economy; tourism is even more important, if possible. For 1991, about 100,000 were expected, before that, agriculture boomed. The sale of products, for local sale as well as export to Bali, is also on the increase.

Until now the beaches of Senggigi is built full with big hotels, but Kuta is also developing rapidly. Several locations along the southern coast, which are now hard to reach, offer nice nature and white sand beaches; these paradises are already bought by contractors from Jakarta, which have big plans with it, or just sell the area when the prices are higher. To fill the expected hotel rooms, the government has planned an airport near Praya.

The strong increase of land sale has brought wealth to locals. Many sold their soil to pay for the expensive holiday to Mecca. Many return as a respected, but broke hajji, poor because they have told their area.

Last revised on December 14, 2009
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