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The southwestern peninsula
Remote and beautiful

To reach the southwestern peninsula of Lombok, you have to take the turn just before Lembar. This road runs to the south, around the bay and then goes inland over a number of hills. A nine kilometer long side-road stays close to the bay and offers a nice view over the port area and the bay.

The water is scattered with bagan, fixed fishing plateaus which seem to float on the surface with their spider like look. After the sunset the fishermen set out their huge fishing nets. They use lights to attract groups of fish. Twice or three times a night the nets are raised and emptied, mostly small fish are caught.

A small road takes you along a shrimp farm and will eventually end at the main road near Jelateng (where there is a Thursday market). A few kilometers ahead is Sekotong, the governmental center of the kecamatan (subdistrict) which concludes the entire peninsula. Near Sekotong Tengah an unpaved road runs to Sepi.

The road to the west, which is paved for the biggest part, runs just along the northern coast of the peninsula. Every now and then there are side rivers to the seaside. The water is calm and all beaches are made out of white sand.

Most houses along the coast are simple wooden houses with red paned roofs. Just off the coast are many small islands. Coconut trees and mangroves are intermixed with white beaches. Open trucks are the only way of public transport as yet. Bemo are available when the road is paved. In the west of the subdistrict Sekatong (Sekatong Barat) is a Balinese settlement, Batu Liong, with a small shrine and a temple off the coast.

The village of Pelangan has a very nice beach, and just off the coast you can also have a nice place for snorkling. In this area you can also find a perl-farm, managed by Japanese. The people are very friendly; if you pay you can stay in their houses and take part in their village life. The villagers are very poor and need all the money for their basic needs like medicine and clothing.

Location map of The southwestern peninsula

Last revised on December 14, 2009
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