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Lombok is quickly becoming one of the popular places of Indonesia. The half a milion people which visit Lombok every year is only a very small amount compared with Bali, byt their number will certainly increase, since hotels have been built over the recent years. All good places along the beach, even those which can only be reached by jeep, are already bought by contractors from Jakarta. (...)

Mount Rinjani National Park on the west Nusa Tenggara Island of Lombok has become recognized and hailed worldwide as spectacular and most magnificent travel area, since Rinjani Trek was named as one of the four outstanding tourism destination at the prestigious World Legacy Awards in Washington DC on 8th June 2004. Rinjani won the Destination Stewardship Award, selected as the tourism destination (...)

With the three 'big cities', the airport and the biggest concentration of hotels, West-Lombok is the best place to stay for the visitor. Here are the popular Gili Islands, as well as the most important Balinese temples, the center of the Wetu Telu and Gunung Rinjani. Our first route takes you north, from Ampenan to the beach of Senggigi, the Gili's, the Wetu Telu center Bayan and sur (...)

Travelers which go south to the port of Lembar from Mataram, have the choice between two routes. The main road runs from Cakranegara to the southeast to Kediri, before going to Lembar. The road is in pretty good condition. The alternative is a road full of holes, which takes you through a landscape full of sawah's. This road also takes you along a Balinese temple near Gunung Pengsong and passes Ru (...)

Central-Lombok is the tourist heart of the Island. The area concludes the traditional villages which are visited in most day trips - and which are not far from the 'big three' cities - and the southern coast: the beach of Kuta, where the festivities around the sea worms (nyale) takes place and Tanjung Aan, with beautiful beaches for surfing. Many travel agencies organize day trips to these (...)

With exception of the art center around Kotoraja, the eastern part of Lombok is still a white spot on the tourist maps. The area is not very adapted to visitors from abroad. Besides a center of art there are several more interesting places: the area around Selong and the coastal area between Labuhan Lombok and Kali Putih. Attractions are, besides the very nice view on Gunung Rinjani, the quiet bea (...)

The center of population of Lombok is a city area in the west of the island, consisting of three neighboring cities: the old seaport Ampenan transforms into the governmental center of Mataram, which transforms into the trade city of Cakranegara. Just east of Cakranegara is Sweta, with the biggest market of Lombok and the bus-station of the island. The total population of the three cities is more t (...)

Visitor of Lombok should not expect to see the lively dance and music from Bali or Java. In the few left traditional villages the performing arts are seen as an important addition to the community, but in modern, strictly Islamic villages it's not encouraged. Lombok seems to be culturally poor in comparison with the other islands of Nusa Tenggara (Lesser Sunda Islands). For such a small isl (...)

Most roads on Lombok are paved and in many places the unpaved roads are being improved all the time. Still there are three areas in along the southern coast - with the best view over the sea - where the roads are too bad for a normal car or bemo. Here you will for sure need a four-wheel-drive jeep - locally named 'hardtop', or at least a Kijang (kind of small van) which is still in good con (...)

While I climbed the steep slope in the early morning fog, I rubbed over my bleeding nose. When I was climbing, I looked to the ground, but I didn't notice that Salim, my guide, had already stopped. He walked in front of me and carried the food on a bamboo stick. The side of bamboo can be really sharp; circumcisions on Lombok are still often performed with a bamboo knife; now I know why. (...)

Playing in on the popularity of neighboring Bali as a popular tourist place, the Department of Tourism of Lombok once used 'You can see Bali on Lombok, but you can't see Lombok on Bali'. The slogan isn't used anymore, and that's good, because it's better to se only Bali on Bali. That doesn't mean that there is no connection, there are about 100,000 Balinese living on Lombok, of which 95 per cent i (...)

Islam Wetu Telu is a religion in which Islamic influences have been mixed with older elements of animism and ancestral worship. The number of Wetu Telu-followers on Lombok is hard to number: the religion is not officially recognized in the census. Estimations say that there are about 30,000 Wetu Telu supporters. The relations between the Wetu Telu-followers and the more orthodox Sasak-M (...)

Gili Nanggu, situated just off west Lombok, is a small island of just 12.5 hectares. Yet the island feels a lot bigger than this, with its undisturbed corners of natural beauty and numerous swimming spots. The underwater world is also stunning with lots of brightly colored fish swimming close to the beach in the warm tropical water. Traveling to the island is relatively easy - itís a 45 (...)

The resort on Gili Nanggu - just west of the island of Lombok - has a conservation program it runs for the endangered Hawksbill sea turtle - locally known as penyu sisak. The turtle is one of seven species of sea turtles found in the world. The name "hawksbill" refers to the turtleís hooked beak. The Gili Nanggu Sea Turtle Conservation Program has been functioning since 1995. Adu (...)

Traveling in Lombok Most foreign visitors will end up in Senggigi along the western coast, or on one of the three 'Gili's', just a little to the north. The tourists have also discovered the beaches around Kuta. Less popular are the southern slopes of Gunung Rinjani. Travel agencies and free-lancers in Senggigi organise daytrips which show the 'real' Lombok to the touri (...)

A small part of the population profits from the growing tourism, which causes more work and increases the sale of art and other production. The big majority still practices agriculture for own use, and has to deal with water and soil shortages. However the government still aims at birth control, the population density is still extremely high. The number of people in comparison with agricultural so (...)

Measured to yield, good pumice is the main export product of the island. Since 1985 the demand for pumice from Hong Kong raised, because they used it to make stone-washed jeans with it, but also cosmetics several other products. Lombok has several pearl farms, organized in cooperation with Japanese. They discovered how to grow pearls inside oysters; the concept is kept secret. Th (...)

To reach the southwestern peninsula of Lombok, you have to take the turn just before Lembar. This road runs to the south, around the bay and then goes inland over a number of hills. A nine kilometer long side-road stays close to the bay and offers a nice view over the port area and the bay. The water is scattered with bagan, fixed fishing plateaus which seem to float on the surfa (...)

There is little known about life on Lombok in the prehistory. As well as most other languages that are spoken in the archipelago, the Sasak-language belongs to the Austronesian language-family. The Austronesians, which originated from mainland Asia, started to move toward the Philippines, Indonesia and the islands in the Pacific around 5,000 BC. A chronicle from the 14th century from th (...)

Near Pemenang a road leads to Bangsal, the embarkation point for the three Gili Islands, which are just off the coast. The public bemo don't go all the way to the small town, but stop on a side road. There is a money changer and a cidomo is also available. All three islands have white sand beaches, clear water for snorkeling and cheap accommodation in bungalows. Most hotel (...)

Kuta is a town in the south of the island of Lombok in Indonesia. The scenery is spectacular, with cliffs and mountains reaching the coast creating jugged and awe inspiring landscapes and views. The beaches are also some of the best in Indonesia, with pristine white sand and transparent blue greens in the water. Kuta has some of the best surfing in the world, so naturally many of the tourists are (...)

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