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From the eastern tip of Flores there is a small chain of islands towards the east: the Solor archipelago, consisting of the islands of Solor, Adonara and Lembata (formerly Lomblen), and the Alor archipelago, formed by Pantar and Alor, These rough hilly islands are created by vulcanism, and form the continuation of the Lesser Sunda Islands. The inhabitants grow maniok, corn and do some farmery, fis (...)

The residents of the peninsula that is dominated by Gunung Ile Ape, belong to the most traditional part of Lembata. The adat houses on the slopes, in which traditionally spirits are honored, are still in use and festivities like the 'bean-fest' still takes place. The women make the nicest ikats of the island. The landscape is very beautifull. From Ile Ape, you cansee the big protected Teluk (...)

Alor and the sisterisland Pantar in the west, offer white beaches, and great diving and snorkling facilities. The islands are scattered with villages consisting of traditional family houses, built from tree stems with roofs of palm leaves. Some villages still live by their old traditions, depending on historic facts and isolation from the outside world. Due to improvements in air- and water-c (...)

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