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Way Kambas National Park is a large national park covering 1,300 square kilometres in Lampung province, south Sumatra, Indonesia. Way Kambas consists of swamp forest and lowland rain forest, but was extensively logged before becoming a reserve in 1972 so there is little primary forest. The reserve still has a few Sumatran Tigers and reasonable numbers of elephants. It is also provides excellent bi (...)

Lampung is one of the less known provinces of Indonesia, but that doesn't make it less interesting. It consists of the southern tip of Sumatera and is separated from Java by the shallow Selat Sunda, of which the most narrow part is only 30 km wide. Because of this strategical position, the social and economical influence from the densely populated and politically powerfull Java in Lampung bigger t (...)

However Lampung is less than one hour by plane, the trip by boat over Selat Sunda is much more favorable. The distance between Merak, on the northwestern tip of Jawa, and the boat terminal in Bakauheni in the far south of Lampung is 27 kilometers. Sometimes it's possible to see the ominous summit of the famous Krakatau, the vulcano which exploded in 1883 and caused tidal waves which claimed about (...)

Lake Ranau (Danau Ranau) is located in Banding Agung district, 125 Km from Baturaja, the capital of Oku Regency. Ranau is an 8 x 13 km caldera partially filled by the crescent-shaped Lake Ranau. It is surrounded by hills and has mount Seminung background. Beneath the Mount Seminung, there is a source of natural warm water. A morphologically young post-caldera strata volcano, Mount Semuning, (...)

Three ethnic groups in Sumateras southern province - the Peminggir along the southern coast, the Abung in the north and the Pubian in the central part- together form the Lampung. They are famous because of their special fabrics with as dominating object a ship. These fabrics are currently named 'ship fabrics'. The remarkable towels are not being made for over 100 years and have become r (...)

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