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Due to enormous supplies of oil, gas, wood and coal, the province of East Kalimantan (Kaltim) is the most rich part of entire Indonesia. Kaltim lies on both sides of the equator and is even bigger than Scotland and England together with it's huge 211.440 The approximately 1,9 milion inhabitants mainly life along the coast. The coastal cities of Samarinda, the provincial capital, and Balikpa (...)

Balikpapan is a big, and fairly expensive city. Well-stocked shops and the busy, growing airport are features of the commercial city; there is not much to do for tourists. Balikpapan exsists because of the oil, the thriving force of the regional economy. When the world market collapsed in the 1980, the city was at least as worse. With the rising of the prices, business slowly returned to norm (...)

The district of Berau if just north of Kutai. It's surface is 22,500 and concludes the streaming area of the Kelai and Segah River, which form the Berau River close to the coast when they merge. There are also several islands which belong to the district. They are inhabited with Orang Laut, which were nomadic in the past. With their boats, they travelled from island to islnd. They traded sh (...)

The huge district of Bulungan lies north of Kutai and Berau and is bordered by Sarawak and Sabah in the north. The southern part of the district is formed by the streaming area of the Kayan River, which springs in the hard to reach region of Apokayan and flows in the Sulawesi Sea just a while later, near the capital of Tanjung Selor. In the inlands north of Apokayan is the subdistrict Long Punjung (...)

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