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West Kalimantan

The vast province of West-Kalimantan is mainly shaped by the catchment area of the Kapuas, the longest river of Indonesia. West Kalimantan (Kalimantan Barat) has a surface of 146.807 and counts only a few million inhabitants. Traveling in this area is demanding, adaption to local problems and delays is required. Tourism in this province, almost unknown to the main public, is not encouraged as well.

West Kalimantan (Kalimantan Barat, often abbreviated to Kalbar) is a province of Indonesia. It is one of four Indonesian provinces in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo. Its capital city Pontianak is located right on the Equator line. The province has an area of 146,807 km˛ with a recorded 2000 census population of 3,750,795, an official intercensal es (...)

Pontianak is a flourishing center of trade with about half a million inhabitants, of which 30 per cent is from Chinese origin. The city is located several kilometer from sea, outside the mangrove forests along the coast, on the split of the Kapuas and Landak. Towards the south, the 5400 wide Kapuas delta. Pontianak got it's good position because of it's strategical location, the rival sulta (...)

The name Putussibau comes from putus Sibau, or 'cut oof (rivertraffic) in Subau'. At the end of the 19th century it was a remote village which lived in continuous fear of being attacked by fearless headhunters like the Batan Lupar Iban from Sarawak. The Chinese traders lived on their big trading ships (bandung), ready to flea. The Malay kampung, was protected by a small garris (...)

With it's several hundred-thousand inhabitants, governmental buildings and Chinese shops, Sintang dominates most of the Kapuas. The city used to be, and still is the entrance to the hinterlands of Western Kalimantan, in special the rivers of Melawi, Kayan and Pinoh, which can be reached by longbot from the city. The Pinoh springs in the Schwaner Range, the natural border between (...)

Shortly after their arrival in the archipelago the Dutch focused on the diamond fields in Western Borneo. They created warehouses ('factorijen') in Sambas and Sukadana, but they were soon abandoned when the stream of diamonds decreased and the Dutch refocused on Java and the Moluccan spice islands. In 1698, the Dutch forces the Malay ruler of Borneo to recognize the rule of the sultan o (...)

The province of West Kalimantan has one of the highest concentrations of Chinese people in Indonesia. The estimated half a million Chinese-Indonesians form more than 10 per cent of the population, descendants from marriages between Chinese and Dayak counted in. From 1720 the Chinese came to the archipelago in big numbers to work in the tin mines on the island of Bangka. Inspired by this (...)

The Kapuas River (Sungai Kapuas) is located in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. At approximately 1,143 km, it is the longest river in Indonesia, and is the major river of the western portion of Borneo. It is also the world's longest river on an island, a little longer than the Sepik River. START_IMAGE=KAB/007=BETWEEN_IMAGE=Kapuas River=END_IMAGE The river rises in the mountains of Kapu (...)

In the 19th century, the name of 'Land-Dayak' was introduced from Sarawak, to distinguish the Dayak living in the hinterlands from the Dayak which are called 'Sea-Dayak', or Iban, which mainly live in Sarawak. Populations which are counted in as 'Land-Dayak' are those which live along the middle-stream Kapuas: the Selako, Singgi, Jagoi, Sadung and populations which live along the upper-stream Sang (...)

The history of West Kalimantan can be dated back to 17th century. Dayaks was the main inhabitants of the province before 17th century. The Malay migrated to West Kalimantan and built their own sultanates. The facts that there are many Chinese population in this province was there used to be a republic built by Chinese miners called Lanfang Republic after defeated the local Malay sultans. The gover (...)

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