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Apokayan (Apoh Kayan, or 'high plains of the Kayan') is the name for the area around the upper stream of the Kayan. The region is cut off from the downstream part of the river because of the many unpassible rapids. Because of it's isolated position, just like the upper Mahakam, it took a long time before the first western influences arrived. The fundamentalist mission, which has been ac (...)

In Lidung Payau, deep in Apokayan, we woke up with the first light. My girlfriend Irene and I wanted to leave early to look for a mysterious stone statue, which should ber somewhere in the neighborhood of the village. Irene worked in the art trade, and the story had created our curiosity, because there were no known stone Dayak statues. When we went outside, the guides, which we had ord (...)

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