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TransJakarta bus system

TransJakarta is a bus rapid transit system in Jakarta, Indonesia. TransJakarta started on January 15, 2004 and currently has ten corridors (or lines) in operation. Another five corridors are currently being planned. TransJakarta was designed to provide the citizens of Jakarta a fast and cheap public transportation system to help reduce rush hour traffic.

Corridor 2: Pulo Gadung - Harmoni
TransJakarta bus system

The third corridor of the TransJakarta busway system runs between Pulo Gadung bus terminal in eastern Jakarta and Harmoni Sentral transfer station in central Jakarta. Buses on this route follow a different course from Pulo Gadung to Harmoni than they do the other way around. Be aware of this when boarding a bus, it can cost a lot of time before you are back on track again.

The corridor has a number of transit stops. At Senen Sentral you can transfer to corridor 5. At Juanda and Pecenongan you can transfer to corridor 3. At transfer station Halte Harmoni you can transfer to corridors 1, 3 and 8. The corridor offers a transfer to train at stops Senen, Gambir 1, Juanda and Gambir 2.

 Corridor 2: Pulo Gadung - Harmoni
 Code Station Transfer
 K02.01 Pulo Gadung
 K02.02 Bermis  
 K02.03 Pulomas  
 K02.04 ASMI  
 K02.05 Pedongkelan  
 K02.06 Cempaka Timur
 K02.07 RS Islam  
 K02.08 Cempaka Tengah  
 K02.09 Pasar Cempaka Putih  
 K02.10 Rawa Selatan  
 K02.11 Galur  
 K02.12 Senen
Senen bus terminal
 K02.13 Atrium  
 K02.14 RSPAD  
 K02.15 DEPLU  
 K02.16 Gambir 1 Gambir train station
 K02.17 Istiqlal  
 K02.18 Juanda
Juanda train station
 K02.19 Pecenongan
 K02.20 Harmoni Sentral

 K02.21 Balai Kota  
 K02.22 Gambir 2 Gambir train station
 K02.23 Kwitang  

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