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Shopping in Jakarta

Shop 'till you drop is a tour you can book in many big cities all over the world, but most of them don't even mention Jakarta. But Jakarta has a lot to offer for those who are just shopping crazy. The malls are big, very big and the prices are much lower than you could probably imagine! Below is a list of the biggest and best malls of Jakarta. You will find much more of them if you want to, each mall has it's own atmosphere.

Malls and places to shop in Jakarta

Glodok is the shopping center in Jakarta Old Town, Indonesia. It specializes market for electronic consumer goods, such as television, radio, and computer. As shopping center, most of the vendors in Glodok are Chinese. Glodok is the biggest Chinatown area in Indonesia, and one of the biggest Chinatowns in the world.

The Chinese came to Jakarta since the 1600s as traders and laborers. Most of them came from Fujian and Guangzhou provinces in southern China. Centered on Pintu Besar Selatan Road, it has become a commercial hub for the relatively prosperous Chinese community. Assimilation between Chinese and pribumi made a language known as Betawi language.

Glodok and contiguos of Mangga Dua are one of the biggest shopping center in southeast Asia. It stretches from Pancoran street to Gunung Sahari street and has approximately 500,000 m2 of shopping centers. Beside sale of electronic consumer goods, Glodok is the biggest market for CD and DVD cassettes.

There are many bus services provided by TransJakarta, PPD, Mayasari Bakti, and city transport. TransJakarta stop in Glodok bus stop. Visitors can also travel to Glodok by taxi and KRL Jabotabek. It stop at Jakarta Kota Station, 200 meters north of the market. Bicycle or ojek Sepeda is also common transport in Glodok.

The area of Glodok consists of a number of malls, markets and blocks of so-called ruko ('rumah toko', shop houses) that can be quite confusing for the first-time visitor as exits and entrances are not clearly marked and the area is fenced off, so you can only get out via those exits. Don't worry too much tough, there is enough to see to just look around.

The Lindeteves Trade Center (LTC) near the Olimo TransJakarta busway station, is a building of several stories where you can find all kinds of hardware from the smallest machine part to entire machines used in industrial environments and everything in between. If you are looking for a missing part, LTC is a good starting point. If you don't find it here, it is likely that someone will help you find it by making a phone call to a friend elsewhere in Glodok.

There are several international star-rated hotels in the area so for those who like looking around for machine parts or other electronic and mechanic products, this is your place to be for sure. The area can also be reached by TransJakarta busway stops Glodok and Kota, which is near the train station of Jakartakota.

Location map of Glodok

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