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Must-see places
Tourist attractions in Papua

The region of Papua has vast areas covered by tropical rainforest. Because of it's low population density, most of it is still fairly untouched. Traveling in the region also means you should be well-prepared because (emergency) help can be far away. This does not mean however that you should not enjoy the beauty of the region.

Pasir Putih Beach

A soft white sandy beach with clear water, beautiful scenery, and gentle breeze makes it a good place for recreation and swimming. Only 2 kilometers from Manokwari town, this beach can be reached by motorcycle, car, or public transport.

Amban Beach

Facing the Pacific Ocean, having a wave altitude of 2 meters most of the time, this beach is perfect for water skiing and wind surfing. Located five kilometers from Manokwari town, this beach can be accessible by motorcycle, car, or public transport.

Lake Kabori

Stretching out with beautiful panorama, it is a wonderful place for fishing fresh water fish like goldfish, mujair (a kind of fresh water fish), and fresh water cat fish. Situated 20 kilometers from Manokwari town, this lake can be reached by motorcycle, car, or public transport.

Maredred Waterfall

Located in Pasir Putih village with a beautiful natural panorama, this waterfall has various types of flora and fauna. It is a wonderful bathing place. It can be reached within ten minutes by boat from Fak-Fak town and by walking within two and a half hours following the river bank.


Sorong is a coastal city and regency in Papua and has some beautiful islands.

Cape Of Cassuwary

It is a beautiful long and clean beach where there are kept plenty of exotic corals. It is also suitable for diving lovers. The distance from Sorong town is 3 km and can be reached by vehicles.

Crocodile Island

An island with slightly sloping beach, soft sand and pure water is very suitable for swimming and fishing. It is located 0.5 km across Sorong town and accessible by speed boat.

Kafiau Island

An island located in the middle of Dampir Waigeo Straits is very rich of sea biotics. Apart from its scenic nature, it has also an interesting and enchanting sea bottom that is very suitable for diving lo-vers. It is about 1.5 hours to reach by motor boat from Sorong town.

Matan Island

An island with various kinds of trees, soft sands and pure water is a place for bathing and fishing. It is accessile approximately 20 minutes from Sorong town by speed boat.

Klaijili Hot Spring

Here is a hot spring found in Makbon District that is used to cure skin diseases. It is situated 60 km from Sorong town and reachable by vehicles.

Research Forest

This forest with many types of plants is used by the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry of Cenderawasih University for research purposes. Situated seven kilometers from Manokwari town, it is accessible by motorcycle, car, or public transport.

Lake Sentani

A short trip from Jayapura, Lake Sentani is still virtually untouched covers an area of 9,360 Ha with height of 75 m above sea level. The people who call the shores of this magnificent lake home still live in a traditional manner, and are renowned for their wood-working and pottery.


A town on an island of the same name in Cendrawasih Bay, is Papua’s main gateway. It has better infrastructure than must other places in the province. There are some good beaches on Biak Island, the most popular of which are Bosnik Beach on the east coast, which is good for swimming and sky-diving, and Korem Beach on the north coast, where one can watch young men dive for pearls. Supiori Island, just north of Biak, has a wilderness reserve and traditional villages where visitors are welcome.

Mount Carstenz Pyramid.

The highest in the ocean Continent (4,884 meters above sea level). Located in the western central highland, above the equatorial jungle of Papua lies on the least accesible snow capped ranges in the world on Ngga Pulu/Puncak Jaya (4,862 m above sea level).

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