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The province of Central Sulawesi (Sulteng) is a confusing mix of high , forested, mountain ranges in which it rains almost every day. Still, the most fertile area, the Palu valley, is one of the most dry areas in Indonesia with an average rainfall between 40 and 80 cm. At a distance of a few minutes from coconut tree forests and wet rice fields you can find cacti fields with empty rivers, w (...)

An impressive phallic symbol, carved out to express a human shape, rises from the ground. The face - several bend lines, the round eyes and a slightly opened mouth - watches to the west with a timeless expression, unmoved and ununderstandable like the sphinx. This megalithic art, massive and simple, kept it's tremendous silent power even after someone tried to brush away the natural erosion. (...)

Forty kilometers north of Palu along a good road is the old, picturesque harbor of Donggala. Across the huge Teluk Palu there is a large narrow stretch of island. This area is often only seen as a needed piece of land to connect Central Sulawesi with North Sulawesi, but in fact it is very interesting as center point between contrasting cultures of the highlands and lowlands. P (...)

In his encyclopedic works about the Indies dating from 1724-26, the Dutch missionary François Valentijn compares the area around Palu with the friendly beauty of his home country. With some fantasy (think away the coconut trees and mountains) it's possible to follow the author when he it writing 'flat land with black clay ... a tremendously beautiful view on the fields, these are pleasant enough o (...)

The eastern arm of Central Sulawesi, with inclusion of the Banggai Archipelago under the head of this peninsula, is the least known area of the province. Several ethnical groups in the fierce inlands used to be coastal residents, once fled for the claims of the sultan of Ternate and his local representative, the raja of Banggai. These people, who live from sago and other crops on changing fields, (...)

Danau Poso, right in the center of Sulawesi, looks like the center of a cosmic axis, of which its arms are turning around the center. It seems that they are moved by the biggest forces. According to local legends this is indeed the location where heaven and earth meet. A long time ago rope was found near the highland lake which was connected to heaven. The residents of the hills (...)

"I am greatly enjoying my holiday in the Togean islands. The coral reef is in good condition, the aquarium fish gliding on the seabed are colorful and the sunset is incredibly beautiful. Beautiful indeed. This is a paradise for me and I don't have such a beautiful scenery in my own country," Jana (29), a Swiss tourist, told The Jakarta Post earlier this month. Jana was staying at Fadillah C (...)

'It is in this kingdom where men and women are only dressed in paper, and because this isn't durable, the women are always working on it. It is made from the bark of a little tree we have seen here. They flatten it with a strangely shaped stone and make it as fine as they want. They paint it in all kinds of colors. A big part of it is brought to Manila and Macau, where I have seen bed-sheets ma (...)

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