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10 June 2004 00:00 · Borobudur assailed by commerce demons  This blog entry contains a picture.
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Borobudur is a ninth-century Mahayana Buddhist monument in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. The monument comprises six square platforms topped by three circular platforms, and is decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues. A main dome, located at the center of the top platform, is surrounded by 72 Buddha statues seated inside perforated stupa.

The Borobudur Temple is considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This temple is located at Borobudur District. South of Magelang in the Province of Jawa Tengah (Central Java). The expression of experts who had been studying Borobudur Temple varied some way. Bernet Kempers' expression was Borobudur is Borobudur, meaning that Borobudur Temple is very unique in her own way. Nie (...)

Ever since the first excavation, most experts speculated on the exact shape of the temple. Hoenig, in his book "Das form problem des Borobudur" speculate that the original form of Borobudur Temple had four gates and nine floors. The form of Borobudur Temple is similar to temples found in Cambodia. According to Parmenteir, the huge single stupa on top of the temple made the smaller (...)

There was a long series of main relief's at the first alley, either at the main wall or at the inner side of Kutamara wall. Relief's at the Kutamara wall depicted Jataka's and Awadana's a story of Buddha's life, which expressed as Bodhisattva, due to his good deeds in the past. Sometimes, Buddha is expressed in the form of animals such as rabbit, monkeys and soon (...)

With regard to Buddha, the name is not identify a person, but a term to denote a person who has reached bodhi, a person who has acquired Absolute Englightment, and is thus aware of the meaning of life; and to him is revealed the real way to liberate oneself from the constrain of Karma. The founder of Buddhism, as we learned from history, is actually a son of a king named Princ (...)

These bell-shaped stupas are perforated and have no relief's or other decoration. Each encloses a statue and in the centre of the highest terrace there is only one stupa, the main stupa, supreme among the others, overlooking the surrounding landscape. This stupa has solid walls with no decoration. One will find the atmosphere on these circular terraces very tranquil and (...)

What we see today is the Borobudur Temple whose function has changed, having now become a research and tourist object, situated on the Borobudur Tourist Park. Borobudur is not only a tourist object, but also a cultural legacy. The existence of the tourist park reflects a cultural awareness to deal with the challenge, based on past experienced, to preserve the monument so that its name and signific (...)

When we see the reality of Borobudur's dimensions, whether it is the size of the monument itself of reflect it has on us, it is not surprising that we tend to wonder why this temple was built. How was it possible to pile up thousands of stone blocks to create such a magnificent structure, while at that time people had no knowledge of sophisticated tool and equipment? How did they carve the thousan (...)

The Borobudur temple in Magelang will stage a ballet performance at night, reminiscent of the popular Ramayana dance-drama performed in the compound of the Prambanan Hindu temple some 80 kilometers apart. The first performance will be staged on Wednesday night, with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono among the audience. A collaborative work of experts of various backgrounds, including a (...)

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