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Enggano island
An island where traditional belief is still strong

Enggano lies about 177 kilometers south of Bengkulu city. It is about 35 kilometers long from east to west and 16 kilometers wide from north to south. Its average elevation is about a hundred meters. Hills, rising to about 281 meters, cover most of the area. The island covers an area of 40,260 hectares, which is dominated by dense rainforest with its wild buffaloes.

The island still holds on strong to it's traditional culture and society. There are traditional dances from Enggano. A small boat can be rented from the Baai Island harbor or Bintuhan seaport.

There are 5 clans living on the island: The Kaharuba, Kaarubi, Kaitora, Kaahoao and the Kauno. A matrilineal society, descent is traced through the female line and daughters usually inherit farmlands. About half of them are Christian, while the other half is seen as Muslem. But actually this society is one of the last truly animist strongholds in Indonesia. Engganese culture is sure to disappear as a result of assimilation into an Indonesian culture.

Location map of Enggano island

Last revised on October 24, 2009
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