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Short guide to Bali

These pages contain a number of tips for travelers that are going to bring a visit to the Indonesian island of Bali soon. They are simple tips about the daily life on the island and what to expect when visiting the island. Many things will be just slightly different than at home, but it is important to locals that you at least somewhat adhere to their lifestyle.

Dealing with the bureaucrats
Tips for first-time travelers to Bali

Tourists who break the law make it hard for those who follow the rules, so give your fellow travelers a break. But don't always assume you need permission to do something or go somewhere. The more questions you ask, the more questions will be asked of you.

Humility goes a long way when dealing with Indonesian bureaucrats. If you get into any hassles with annoying cops, customs agents, or imigrasi officials, just act meek, friendly, and innocent. In most cases, they just want you to show respect and acknowledge that they're real.

If there's a problem, bypass petty officials if you can and go right to the top. Often, people in authority are more intelligent, reasonable, and understanding, and you'll eventually have to go to them anyway.

Last revised on January 30, 2010
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