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Banten province

Banten is a province of Indonesia, located at the western end of Java Island. Banten has an area of 9,160.7 kmē and population of 9,782,900 (2009). Banten was established in October 2000 after being separated from West Java province. The capital of the province is Serang.

Anyer is a town in West Java, Indonesia, fifteen kilometers south of Merak. It is home of a forty meter Menara Mercusuar ('lighthouse') built by King Willem III of the Netherlands in 1885 as a memorial for the townspeople killed by the eruption of Krakatau, which destroyed the town. The original lighthouse was destroyed by a tsunami created by the eruption of Krakatau in 1883 It (...)

The coastal city of Banten, eighty kilometers west of nowadays Jakarta, at the northern coast of the island Java, was the biggest center of transport of spices in the 16th and 17th century. At its peek, it was almost as important as Amsterdam. Nowadays Banten is only a small fishing village, which can't be found on most maps indicating economical importance. There are still old buildings left and (...)

Carita is located along a spacious bay, so there is little current and only little waves. An ideal place for swimming, also under moonlight. In this bay you can enjoy the spectacular sunsets. It's one of the few places on Java where you can actually see the sun drop in the sea. Along the coastal road you will find numerous hotels and homestays, as a chain to Anyer. You can also eat here, but mostl (...)

Lebak regency is a regency of Banten province, Indonesia. It has an area of 3,044 kmē of 19 districts and 320 villages and an official intercensal estimated population of 1,219,033 in 2007. Rangkasbitung is the capital of the regency. Pandeglang Regency lies to the west, Serang Regency to the north, Tangerang Regency to the north-east, and Bogor Regency and Sukabumi Regency of West Java to the eas (...)

The cultural arts in this area are varied and outstanding and almost prevalent in every sub district. Angklung instrument (pentatonic musical instruments made from bamboo) and Dogdog Lojor (long drums) are found in the sub district of Malingping, Panggarangan and Bayah, Angklung Buhun (buhun = ancient) and Tarawangsa (a one-stringed musical instruments played wit (...)

Merak is a city and seaport in Cilegon, Banten, on the northwestern tip of Java, Indonesia. The port and town are named after the Green Peafowl, which once lived in the region, but is now very rare. The port is connected to Jakarta via Jakarta-Merak Toll Road. The port is a service provider for Indonesia's largest concentration of petrochemical facilities along the Merak peninsula. More (...)

Pandeglang is a regency of Banten province, Indonesia. It has an area of 2,747 kmē, 24 districts, 335 villages, an official estimate of 1,130,514 people in 2007. The regency includes islands such as Panaitan, Deli and Tinjil. The capital is the town of Pandeglang. The area of this residency is the forest, which are tropical and typical for this region. Concerning fauna, at Ujung Kulo (...)

Pulau Sanghiang, a small mysterious island in Selat Sunda ('Sunda Strait'), partly consisting of jungle (seven square kilometers), surrounded by mangrove forests and white beaches. The island is also surrounded by coral reefs. Other parts of the island are muddy and mosquito infested. But the small idyllic bays along the eastern side will you soon let forget the inhospitable and swamps. The (...)

Geographically, the regency of Serang lies between 105° 7' - 106° 22' eastern longitude and 5° 20' and 5° 21' southern latitude. It is bordered in the north by the Java Sea, in the south by the Regency of Lebak and Pandeglang, in the west by the Sunda Strait and in the east by of Tangerang. The area of 187,600 hectares consists of plains and mountains; the elevation is between 0 - 700 m (...)

Tangerang is a city in Banten, Indonesia. It is located about 20 km west of Jakarta. It is the third largest urban center in the Jabotabek region after Jakarta and Bekasi. It has an area of 164.54 kmē and an official intercensal estimated population of 1,537,244 for 2005. The Soekarno-Hatta International Airport is located in the city. Tangerang is an industrial and manufacturing hub on (...)

Banten in the fifth century was part of the Tarumanagara kingdom. A stone inscription, called Prasasti Cidanghiang, dated from Tarumanagara era can be found at Lebak area at the bank of Cidanghiang river, in Pandeglang Regency, Banten. The Prasasti Cidanghiang, found in 1947, contains two lines of poetic sentences in Sanskrit written in Pallava characters. The inscription proclaims Purnawarman as (...)

As of the 2005, the population of Banten is estimated to be 9,308,944. As of the 1990 census, the population was 5,967,907 (increased approximately 55.986% in 15 years). The two biggest regencies in terms of population are Tangerang, and Serang. Tangerang Regency is inhabited mostly by Sundanese meanwhile Serang Regency is inhabited mostly by Javanese. Together, these regencies make up (...)

The most dominant language is Sundanese. The indigenous people living in Banten Province speak a Sundanese dialect derived from archaic Sundanese language. The dialect is classified as informal or harsh layer in modern Sundanese language, having different layers as Javanese language. However, in the towns of Serang and Cilegon, the Banten dialect of the Javanese language is also used by (...)

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