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Climate of Bali
Dry and wet season information

Because of it's location just eight degrees south of the equator, Bali has a tropical climate. This means that daytime temperatures are around 31 degrees Celsius all year round. At night it is around 24 degrees Celsius. These temperatures however are for the low-lying areas, where most tourist areas are. If you head into the hills, it will be slightly cooler.

In the more mountainous regions of Bali, especially around the peaks of the volcanoes on the island, temperatures are much more moderate, even to be named cool. At night it can be cold with temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius. If you head into the mountains it is always smart to bring a jacket to prevent you from getting a cold, which could spoil your holiday.
During the dry season - roughly between April and September - the weather is generally very sunny with cloudless skies over most of the tourist areas in the southern part of the island. Light clouds however may form during the day, causing a nice sunset during the early evening hours. Every once in a while a light rain shower might occur in the low-lying areas of the island. The higher regions are more vulnerable to light rain and fog however.

The wet season - roughly between October and March - brings more clouds than during the dry season, but rain will often be limited to just a few hours in the afternoon. Tropical downpours refresh the island in an instant and when it gets dry after a few hours, the evening will be yours to enjoy.

Some day will have violent thunderstorms hitting the island, however they also might be very local in character. Thunderstorms like these can cause flash flooding and damage by lightning and strong wind gusts. Storms like these develop in an incredible short period of time and will often leave you with just a few minutes to find shelter.

The extreme southern part of the island, south of the airport, are known for being the most dry area of the island. Even during the wet season, this area catches a bare minimum of rain. Humidity is much higher during the wet season than the dry season, especially if heavy clouds occur but rain fails to come down.

Last revised on September 25, 2009
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