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Where does the earth shake in Indonesia?

No earthquakes reported over the last four weeks.

List of earthquakes reported over the last four weeks
Magn. Depth Location
No earthquakes listed in the selected period.

Information about earthquakes on this page

Earthquake report  Earthquake < 24 hours
Earthquake report  Earthquake > 24 hours
< M 6.0
M 6.0 - M 6.9
> M 7.0
By selecting a period above, all earthquakes in that period will be displayed. Recent events may be on top of older events. By selecting an earthquake on the left side, this single earthquake will be displayed on the map of Indonesia. You can also use the maps zoom function to have a closer look.

Earthquake data is downloaded from USGS and BMG every 10 minutes.

· Aceh
· Bali
· Papua
· Jawa
· Kalimantan
· Maluku
· Nusa Tenggara
· Sulawesi
· Sumatra

By selecting a region, all earthquakes which have occurred in the last year will be displayed.

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